2020 United States Presidential Debate Props

The final debate between United States President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden is scheduled to take place on October 22, and sportsbooks have released odds on what’s going to take place through presidential debate betting.

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Muted Mics for the October 22 Debate

With the 2020 Presidential Election on November 3 creeping closer, the finish line is in sight. The first debate occurred on September 29, but the second debate, initially scheduled for October 15, was postponed due to Trump’s previous COVID-19 diagnosis.

A twist for the second and final debate – and a decision that will likely anger Trump – is that each candidate will have his microphone muted during the other’s initial response. That’s going to have a significant impact on presidential debate betting, as both men won’t be able to interject while the other is speaking.

The decision came after the Commission on Presidential Debates met on Monday afternoon to discuss potential changes to the debate format. The first debate between Biden and Trump quickly devolved into chaos, as the president frequently interrupted the former vice-president.

First Debate Quickly Devolved Into Chaos

The first event in Cleveland was as lively and chaotic a debate as America has seen on this level in recent memory. Trump and Biden exchanged verbal jabs all night, with bitter exchanges and name-calling being the main takeaway.

“Will you shut up, man?” and “It’s hard to get any word in with this clown” were just a few of the retorts Biden had to Trump. Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News repeatedly admonished the president for speaking over Biden and disregarding the previously agreed-upon rules.

Trump leveled a series of unfounded accusations against his Democratic rival and his family, invoking Biden’s son Hunter’s work in Ukraine and bringing up the younger Biden’s history of drug abuse. Trump frequently tried to paint Biden as a socialist who isn’t ready to enter the Oval Office.

When it comes to presidential debate betting, there’s significant money to be made as a result of the unpredictable nature of the platform between these two presidential hopefuls.

What Topics Were Covered in First Debate?

The most talked-about subjects from the initial debate were the Supreme Court, COVID-19, the economy, race, crime, tax returns, civil unrest, health care, attacks, taxes, policing, candidate records, climate change and voting.

Expect more of the same on October 22, but with less havoc due to the muted microphones. Despite the addition of muted mics, the number of debate props hasn’t changed, as there are more options to wager on this time around in debate prop betting compared to the September event.

Here’s a look at the full list of props on the board for October 22 in presidential debate betting. For a full breakdown of props surrounding election betting, check out Gilles Gallant’s 2020 Presidential Election Betting Props article.

October 22 Presidential Debate Betting Props

What type of pattern will Trump’s tie Have?
Option Odds
Solid +120
Striped +160
Dotted +800
Other geometric pattern/novelty +850
Tartan, checkered or plaid +1000
Paisley or floral +1600
What type of pattern will Biden’s tie Have?
Option Odds
Striped +225
Solid +275
Dotted +325
Other geometric pattern/novelty +400
Tartan, checkered or plaid +750
Paisley or floral +275
What color will Trump’s tie be?
Option Odds
Red +115
Light blue +325
Blue or navy blue +375
Other +700
Yellow or gold +750
What color will Biden’s tie be?
Option Odds
Blue or navy blue +200
Light blue +250
Red +250
Other +600
Purple +800
What will Biden say first?
Option Odds
Come on man +150
Scranton +175
Malarkey +240
Inshallah +2000
What will Trump say first?
Option Odds
Sleepy Joe -230
Phoney Kamala +170
What will Trump say first?
Option Odds
Fake news -135
China virus +105
Which state will be mentioned first?
Option Odds
Arizona +500
Florida +500
Georgia +500
Pennsylvania +500
North Carolina +550
Michigan +600
Minnesota +600
Wisconsin +600
Which topic will be debated first?
Option Odds
Fighting COVID-19 +175
National security +315
American families +400
Race in America +550
Climate change +700
Leadership +725
Who will take the first sip of water?
Option Odds
Biden -165
Trump +125
Who will win the presidential debate drinking game?
Option Odds
Trump -125
Biden -105
Whose microphone will be muted first?
Option Odds
Trump -250
Biden +185
Will Trump mention Joe Rogan?
Option Odds
YES +550
NO -1000
Will Hong Kong be mentioned?
Option Odds
YES -165
NO +125
Will the First Lady and Trump share an embrace after the debate?
Option Odds
YES +175
NO -240
Will Trump or Biden curse on air?
Option Odds
YES +1000
NO -4000
Will either candidate mention Twitter during the debate?
Option Odds
YES +140
NO -185
Will the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict be mentioned?
Option Odds
YES +115
NO -150

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