2020 Week 10 fantasy football rankings, sleepers and Marvel movie rankings

2020 Week 10 Fantasy Football Rankings and Sleepers

We’ve covered advice over weather, trading, vetoes, not giving up, strategy and more, so why not just have some more rankings fun this time by request. I’m ranking the MCU movies! The original request was superheroes, but I’ll do that too. I started on the Marvel movie rankings and then realized that superheroes were suggested, so… whoops. But now you have a tease to a future list.

Best Marvel Superhero Movies

Captain America Winter Soldier – Elevator scene! That’s nearly enough. A plot that shapes movies to come with tight story-telling. Trust no one. Catching the shield! So much greatness.

Avengers Endgame – I love you 3000.

Thor Ragnarok – Third time is the charm, as the true fun of Thor is unlocked. Plus, Jeff Goldblum.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Most surprising movie of them all. Expected to be the black sheep of the bunch…

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