4 Essential Tips For People Who Want To Start Streaming

Back in 2014, Amazon made an incredible purchase. They spent $1 billion on Twitch.tv. The popular streaming platform now has over a 100 million monthly users and has given people a platform to build their brand as a gamer and streamer.

Essential Tips To Start Streaming

Let us look at 4 essential tips that you must take care about if you’re looking to start your journey as a streamer

Find Your Niche

This is one of the common mistakes that people make. Streamers feel obligated to go for the most popular games. Streaming is all about engagement, and overextending your experiences across a variety of popular games makes it almost impossible to get noticed. Hence, it becomes important to narrow in and identify a single niche.

Streaming the most popular can limit your engagement by a lot because established streamers are always going to receive the big chunk of the viewership. I’m not saying that you should not play those popular games but starting off with less mainstream games can help you create a lot of niche groups and following. You can then move up the ladder and play the biggest and most popular game

Being Unique and Engaging

The key to keeping your audience engaged and completely enthralled by the stream is by simply being unique, interesting, consistent and clear. Explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it and talk about the game strategy behind every move. Strategy is key because it’s at the core of gaming. Develop your own formula and method for your approach and stick to it. Dr. Disrespect is the perfect example of uniqueness. His attire and attention to detail is something that makes his streams so much fun to watch. Of course his personality and ability to engage people also comes into the fray but the bottom-line is that his content is extremely unique.

Sponsorships and Maneuvering

The biggest mistakes streamers make while exploring sponsorships are a lack of professionalism and enhanced interests. As a gaming streamer there is a lot of misconception that maturity and professionalism are not an important thing to keep in mind. It’s dependent upon you to crush that suspicion by sharpening your aptitudes and persona, and changing yourself into an amazing brand. Back up professional behavior with a professional email address and corresponding social media channels. Keep them all equally professional in their content and style.

Most sponsorship supervisors won’t have the opportunity to investigate your social and site pages, so back up your pitch or proposition with numbers. Feature the number of followers you have and how often your content has been seen. Basically, it’s an attempt to sell something. Give your proposition, present the numbers and show you’re extraordinary and intriguing. See yourself as a brand and construct yourself around that brand.

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More Interactive Streams Equals More Followers

Interacting with your viewers is one of the most important things in order to make people watch your streams. Your audience doesn’t want to be told to watch you, they simply want to enjoy it.

For example, if 80% of your stream is spent begging people to follow you, that only leaves 20% of time spent showcasing your flashy skills and engaging your audience. If you casually interact with your viewers instead, in a way that doesn’t break your speech pattern or make what you’re saying seem like a script, and you make sure to give recognition to your regulars, the audience will connect with you and keep coming back.

Creating a proper schedule is also very important. Streaming consistently on particular days can help your viewership number in the long run. You’ll be better able to gain and retain followers by following a proper schedule. Once you’ve established a community of regular followers through interactive engagement, it’s important you spend time figuring out who your audience base is and acknowledge the loyal regulars. Show your audience that viewing pleasure is as important as your own expertise at what you’re playing!

Streaming can get a bit hectic and intimidating, but if you’re passionate about the games you’re playing and streaming itself, these tips will help you go above and beyond! For more interesting articles about the gaming industry and poker news, keep reading PokerShots

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