5 Places Where You Can Play Baccarat Online with Real Money and Crypto

Playing online baccarat is easy if you know where to look. You have quite a few options at your disposal these days, with some of them not being as obvious as you may think.

In this guide we cover virtual baccarat tables, live dealer baccarat tables, betting on land-based casino tables while online, and multiple ways to load baccarat tables to your devices. Besides this, we also look at how you can place bets using crypto!

You will find that this baccarat guide gives you all the best options available as an online player, with arguably the most exciting being the chance to play baccarat with a live dealer, live cards, and live non-computer generated results delivered in real time!

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover:

1. Playing Online Baccarat at a Land-Based Baccarat Table

Land-based casinos are now coming online thanks to Ezugi’s 360 and Evolution’s dual play technology. In fact, Evolution owns Ezugi after acquiring the brand in 2018, which was also part of Evolution’s strategy to enter the US market, where the live dealer brand now has 2 live dealer studios and active Dual Play as well as 360 land-based casino solutions.

Dual Play and 360 are essentially land-based baccarat casino tables streamed via webcam through the live dealer platforms themselves. Online casinos like mBitcasino connect to the Ezugi or Evolution live casino platforms and present the option to play these Dual Play and 360 games in the live dealer section.

That means you can connect to live baccarat tables inside land-based casinos such as the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London. The baccarat table in the casino has webcams focusing on the dealer and cards while you see the webcam stream and place virtual chips on the table. Meanwhile, there are also people physically inside the casino playing at the same table with live chips.

‘Land-based baccarat played online is an ingenious way to bring the real thing to your screens without having to visit the casino in person’

Unfortunately, because the Ezugi 360 live baccarat table is in the Queenco Hotel and Casino Cambodia, mBitcasino does not stream this particular baccarat table to all locations.

However, you can play Ezugi 360 roulette tables at Oracle Casino and Portomaso Casino, which are both 24/7 land-based casinos on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Furthermore, you can play these tables using cryptocurrency if you play via mBitcasino.

  • Play Baccarat tables inside land-based casinos
  • Place real money or crypto bets on Ezugi or Evolution tables
  • Bringing land-based casino tables online to your device

2. Playing Dual Play Baccarat While Inside a Land-Based Casino

Another option you have as a baccarat player is to play live baccarat dual play or 360 tables while sitting inside the casino. Casinos such as the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in London provide you with the means to connect via Wi-Fi to one of their Baccarat tables on the casino floor.

This means you can place bets while sitting in the bar, while dining, and for those that really don’t want to miss out on the action, while in the toilet!

FYI – These tables are exactly the same as the ones explained in Section 1 above ‘Playing Online Baccarat at a Land-Based Baccarat Table’. The only difference is that you are in the casino but not physically sitting at the table.

‘Meanwhile, if you fancy sitting at a baccarat table in the Grosvenor Victoria Casino and want to play more than 1 table in the casino at the same time, via this technology, you can!’

If you still want to place bets using crypto while you are physically inside the land-based casino, you can log on to your live casino provider and place bets using crypto while watching the dealer deal the cards live!

  • Bets via remote a device while inside a land-based casino
  • Play other tables on the casino floor while physically sitting at another table
  • Place crypto bets while in the casino via you cryptocurrency live casino

3. Live Dealer Baccarat Casino Games

With baccarat being one of the most popular card games on the live dealer circuit, you can choose to play at tables streamed from a live dealer studio. Live baccarat tables are the alternative to playing virtual casino table games with computer generated results via RNG or Provably algorithms.

A live dealer studio is a physical location purpose built to host live casino games with real life dealers, croupiers, and game show hosts working in the studio. Each table has its own webcam and audio equipment attached so you can hear and see the cards, dice, and dealer/croupier announcements. As such, all the results produced on these table are 100% natural with no computer-generated algorithms.

From your end as an online casino member, all you need to do is log on, select the live baccarat table you want to play, and your web browser will open the stream. On top of the live video feed is another layer of software that gives you the ability to place bets.

As a baccarat player, you have a large number of variants to choose from. Baccarat Squeeze, No Commission Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, and standard Baccarat Live.

Live baccarat tables use an unlimited player feature so there is no queuing required. There can be 100 players at the same table, but you will not see the other players’ bets and only see is your betting interface – live casinos can do this because players have no influence over the order of cards playing this game, and as such, all that the casino requires is a bet

The most popular live dealer brands that have baccarat tables available for crypto and fiat currency bets come from Evolution, Pragmatic Play Live, and Ezugi live dealer platforms.

  • Live baccarat tables streamed from live dealer studios
  • No queuing for tables thanks to unlimited player software
  • Crypto bets accepted by Evolution, Pragmatic Play Live, & Ezugi

4. Virtual Baccarat Tables

Virtual baccarat tables are computer generated tables that use RNGs or Provably fair algorithms to determine the order of the cards in the shoe.

Some people prefer to play the live dealer games above because they like the idea of natural results. However, live dealer table games can also be much slower compared to virtual baccarat games.

A virtual table gives you your very own private table with an auto-dealer. You can play at your own pace, practice strategies before heading over to live tables, and play multiple tables. Plus, as with live dealer baccarat, you will have plenty of variants to choose from.

‘Mini Baccarat, Baccarat Zero Commission, and plenty of standard baccarat tables on which you can play 1 hand every 5 to 10 seconds are available’

There are multiple software developers that produce virtual baccarat table games, and many of them accept crypto bets. Betsoft, BGaming, Habanero, iSoftbet, and Platipus are just a few examples of software developers that produce virtual baccarat tables that accept crypto bets.

  • Use RNGs or Provably Fair Algorithm
  • Multiple variants of Baccarat
  • Large number of software providers

5. Play Via Web Browser or App

To finish our ‘5 places where you can play baccarat online with real money and crypto’ guide, we thought the best way to polish things off was to give you your options for playing all the baccarat game styles above. Below we list every device, operating system, and option available to you when searching for ways to play baccarat online.

Web Browser: All online casino games, so both virtual and live dealer titles, are using HTML5. Even the casinos themselves use this technology, giving you the ability to manage your bonuses, deposits, withdrawals, and other account management specifics.

With HTML5 code, you do not need to download an app to play at an online casino. You simply open your web browser on your mobile or desktop and log in. The HTML5 code built into the web browser auto adapts the casino and games to fit your screen.

‘You may also see games using HTML5 called instant play. This was the same for Flash casino games too, but Flash support is now end of line with HTML5 replacing it as new instant play technology!’

Operating Systems: If a device connects to the internet via any medium such as Ethernet, 4G or Wi-Fi, then it will generally come with a web browser. That means regardless of whether your device is a desktop running Linux or Windows, or a mobile device with Blackberry, iOS, or Android installed, as long as it has a web browser, you can connect to live and virtual casino baccarat online.

Literally in today’s high tech online world, casino games that use HTML5 work on any operating system.

Mobile Casino Apps: However, if you use a downloadable casino app, then you can only use the app on operating systems the app supports. Most casino apps use Android or iOS these days, but they are going out of fashion as instant play HTML5 options take over.

Devices: As mentioned above, as long as your device has a web browser, then you can play casino games. Any device with any operating system will work so long as the browser that connects to the net supports HTML5, which in today’s high-tech world, all modern devices only use web browsers with HTML5 built in.

Smartphones, tablets, Nintendo Switch, iPods, desktops, laptops, and more all have the ability to connect to online casino games!

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