9 Stars Who Refused The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Once upon a time, a Super Bowl halftime performance was one of the most sought-after slots in the world for musicians, acts and brands. And let’s face it — it still is.

during the interval, which lasts just 13 minutes, provides a platform with
almost unparalleled viewing figures. But some big names have actually rejected
the chance to perform at the global sporting event before.

So which stars have turned down the Super Bowl halftime show? And why?

almost that time of year again, when sport, snacks and entertainment meet in an
extraordinary American football extravaganza. So amid the excitement, let’s
take a look at who has shunned it …


Image: Wikimedia Commons

One of the biggest names to ever say no, music megastar Rihanna reportedly rebuffed the Super Bowl’s advances to appear in the 2019 halftime show.

reason? The Super Bowl has been surrounded by controversy over the
long-standing dispute between the NFL and quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The friction surrounds his decision not to stand for the national anthem before games and to instead take the knee in protest of, and reference to, police brutality against minorities.

the knee in sport to highlight racism has now become widespread at events
across the world and, as well as sparking protest movements, has attracted the
ire of political figures such as Donald Trump.

representative of Rihanna even confirmed that her decision was based on her
disagreement with the NFL’s stance on Kaepernick, who has remained a free agent
since the off-season following his 2016 on-field protests, leading to
accusations of him being frozen out.


Cardi B
Image: Wikimedia Commons

rapper, Cardi B, is another performer believed to have passed over the chance
to perform due to the serious situation with Kaepernick.

gone public with her support of the activist and athlete before, the musician
has also endured counter-rumors that she refused a Super Bowl show due to
demands surrounding a $1million fee and solo slot.

those claims were refuted by her representatives.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

UK songstress Adele is one of a few on this list to have seemingly turned down the Super Bowl for reasons that are musical, rather than political.

During a US performance, the singer-songwriter felt compelled to publicly address rumors she was set to perform in 2017, stating that it was because the show was “not about music” and that she “can’t dance”.

For their part, the NFL went as far as to make an official statement that Adele hadn’t been offered the coveted halftime slot.

the truth? We may never know.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

This one is a bit of both.

the artist known as Pink has performed at the Super Bowl before.

in 2018, the pop star sang the national anthem at the event.

But more recently, the singer said she would not want to be a halftime performer due to a combination of political beliefs and also how stars can be ‘persecuted’ for taking part.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Turns out that rapper, producer and all-round general superstar Jay-Z didn’t want the gig either.

has apparently previously turned down an offer, despite his wife Beyonce having
taken to the stage multiple times to headline and/or play alongside the likes
of Bruno Mars, Coldplay and the rest of Destiny’s Child.

in fact, Jay-Z was so turned off by the idea of performing on game day that he
took aim at the event, and how much he didn’t want to appear at it, in one of
his tracks.

case you are in any doubt as to his feelings, Jay-Z raps in his song ‘Apeshit’:
“I said no to the Super Bowl/ You need me, I don’t need you/ Every night we in
the endzone/ Tell the NFL we in stadiums too”.

there you go.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Everyone’s favorite rap superstar from their school days, Eminem was apparently too expensive for the NFL.

has it — and we stress rumor — that the award-winning artist’s demands
were too high to play in 2014, with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers
eventually giving a memorable performance instead.

with hit songs, millions in album sales under his belt and the odd movie, maybe
the apparently very private Slim Shady just didn’t need the hassle.


Image: Wikimedia Commons

The band Outkast are also said to have dismissed the chance to sing at a Super Bowl.

hip-hop duo is believed to have rejected NFL overtures way back in 2004, aka
the year of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s infamous wardrobe

it’s just as well…

reason? The NFL was apparently set to offer Outkast limited time on stage,
which it’s suggested didn’t go down too well with member Andre 3000.


Amy Schumer
Image: Twitter/amyschumer

Ok, Amy Schumer isn’t a musician, and she didn’t exactly turn down the opportunity to strut her stuff in the halftime showcase.

But the comedian did let the world know that she wouldn’t take part in Super Bowl commercials, which is why she makes our list.

actress was aiming to make a statement about the NFL’s stance on taking the
knee, saying on Instagram that, “Hitting the NFL with the advertisers is the
only way to really hurt them.”


kanye west
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Multi-million-selling rap artist and music producer, and once potential US presidential candidate, Kanye West was also once a consideration for the Super Bowl.

being known just as much for his controversial statements as his songs, the NFL
were reportedly interested in putting the high-profile star on stage.

alas, it’s said his financial demands were too much for even the Super Bowl to

that’s that. For now…

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