Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Florida Gators Prop Bets – 2020 SEC Championship

The SEC Championship game between Alabama and Florida features a line of Crimson Tide -17. It opened at -14. This 8 pm ET game will be shown nationally on CBS Saturday night. T

he No. 7 Gators (8-2, 8-2 SEC) have to match up with top-ranked Alabama (10-0, 10-0) in the Southeastern Conference title game Saturday night in Atlanta following a hard luck loss to LSU. This resulted in the Gators dropping one spot in the CFP Rankings.

“I think it showed respect for us and for this league, the quality of the opponents in this league, the grind and the demand of playing,” Florida head coach Dan Mullen said of the ranking. “This is our 11th SEC game in a season. I think that’s certainly a challenge. Other conferences haven’t been through that.”

After Saturday’s loss, Mullen opined that “the best thing to do would have been to play less games because you seem to get rewarded for not playing this year.” He was taking a not-so-subtle shot at Ohio State, ranked number 5 after playing just five games, winning all of them.

The Tide enters the title game averaging 49.5 points and 537.8 yards per game, No. 3 and No. 5 in the nation, respectively.

Alabama’s odds of winning the 2021 NCAA College Football Championship were set at -143.

Rot First Scoring Play Moneyline
1009 Alabama TD
1010 Alabama FG
1011 Alabama Any Other Score
1012 Florida TD
1013 Florida FG
1014 Florida Any Other Score
Rot A Team to Score 3 Unanswered Times Moneyline
1015 Yes
1016 No
Rot Team Scoring 1st Wins Game Moneyline
1017 Yes
1018 No
Rot Winning Margin Moneyline
1019 Alabama to win by 1-6 pts
1020 Alabama to win by 7-12 pts
1021 Alabama to win by 13-18 pts
1022 Alabama to win by 19-24 pts
1023 Alabama to win by 25-30 pts
1024 Alabama to win by 31-36 pts
1025 Alabama to win by 37-42 pts
1026 Alabama to win by 43 or more pts
1027 Florida to win by 1-6 pts
1028 Florida to win by 7-12 pts
1029 Florida to win by 13-18 pts
1030 Florida to win by 19-24 pts
1031 Florida to win by 25-30 pts
1032 Florida to win by 31-36 pts
1033 Florida to win by 37-42 pts
1034 Florida to win by 43 or more pts
Rot Double Result Moneyline
1035 Alabama/Alabama
1036 Alabama/Tie
1037 Alabama/Florida
1038 Tie/Alabama
1039 Tie/Tie
1040 Tie/Florida
1041 Florida/Alabama
1042 Florida/Tie
1043 Florida/Florida

– Mary Montgomery,

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