Amazon Shoppers Love This $30 Portable Camping Hammock

Amazon Shoppers Love This $30 Portable Camping Hammock

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My best friend is the kind of person who would rather sleep right out in a hammock under the stars during camping outings than hole away in a tent like the rest of us. I especially enjoy this because I’m the one who picked out the camping hammock that’s become her signature setup since I gifted it to her a few years ago.

Believe it or not, the prized hammock is actually this Kootek one from Amazon and starts at just $23. And, as it turns out, Amazon shoppers are just as big of fans of theirs as my best friend is of hers. 

“I spent a few days reading reviews of many different hammocks that were $30 or less. I ended up picking this one due to the reviews about the company making up for anything faulty happening. It was so easy to put up that I thought maybe I had missed a step or something,” one reviewer said . “I weigh 250 pounds so I was pretty nervous about getting in it. I slowly eased into it, scared I was going to rip it and fall right on my butt. To my surprise, it held up! As I got used to it, I started swinging in it a little bit. Now I can swing back and forth like crazy with no worries! The other night I had someone else get in it with me to test how much weight it could really hold and it fit both of us comfortably. One of my best and favorite purchases in a long time. I highly recommend it!”

Since it’s made to fold into a small, portable sack, the durable hammock can easily be packed away and stored in a backpack or car for whenever the opportunity to rest under the sky should arise. Two included straps designed to easily lock the carabiners at the ideal height make setting up camp easier than ever, so there’s no need to tie any knots and you won’t be  damaging the trees in the process.

“I was a little skeptical of the quality of this hammock for the price, but I ordered it anyway since my old one ripped and I had an upcoming camping trip. I was totally impressed when it came in the mail,” another shopper added . “I got the double nest size. It was even roomier and comfier than I thought it would be. It also came with straps. The ones that came with my (different brand) former hammock were literal ropes. I was totally blown away by the quality and the size as well as the price. If you’re comparing this to other products, stop and buy this right now.”

There’s no time like the present to get outside and enjoy nature in all its forms. Right now, you can head to Amazon to grab the portable hammock that my best friend, along with thousands of shoppers, swears by. 

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