Australian grandmother wins lottery using late husband’s numbers

Dedicated woman played the special numbers once a week for 20 years

By Kate Northrop

HAPPY VALLEY, Australia — A woman was confused when a retailer told her that they wouldn’t be able to pay out her winning ticket. As it turns out, the numbers she played every week for 20 years earned her a X Lotto top prize of $1 million (US$743,400).

The winning numbers a South Australian grandmother faithfully used to win the jackpot originally came from someone very near and dear to her.

“My late husband chose those numbers all these years ago,” she told The Lott. “I don’t know why he chose them, but we’ve been playing them ever since. He’s looking down on us from heaven very happy!”

The winning numbers for the X Lotto draw held on Monday, Nov. 30 are 5, 9, 13, 31, 38, and 42, with supplemental numbers 1 and 30. The division one prize was won by two players, so each winner will take home a guaranteed $1 million prize.

The grandmother bought the winning ticket at Happy Valley Newsagency on Kenihans Road in Happy Valley. The owner of the retailer, Kuldeep Patel, was ecstatic when he was notified that a winning ticket was purchased at his magazine store.

“It’s crazy!” Patel exclaimed. “When I saw the email telling us we had sold a winning entry, I was thrilled!”

It’s the first division one prize that the store has ever sold, and Patel says that he is excited that the big prize went to a regular customer from the area. While he recognizes that the good news will give the store some decent recognition, the timing of the win could not have been better.

“There was a fire in the [shopping] center this year, so we’ve had to move to a smaller kiosk while it is getting repaired, and our customers have been so loyal and supportive during this time,” Patel said. “It’s a great boost to our customers and our team members’ morale to know we have sold a major prize. I’m probably as excited about it as the winner is about discovering they are a millionaire!”

Meanwhile, the happy winner-turned-millionaire said she always felt that she was bound to win using her late husband’s numbers one day.

While she pointed out that this year has been particularly difficult for everybody, the grandmother acknowledged that this windfall will help her family get back on their feet while giving her the opportunity to fix up her house.

“I’ve got two sons with families of their own who I can help!” she said eagerly. “But what I really want to do is get myself some new fences for my house. We’ve lived here for 46 years, and I’ve always wanted new fences, so I’m finally going to get those done!”

Although she already knows how she plans on using the newfound winnings, the realization of the news still hasn’t completely sunk in.

“I’ve been running about all morning, and I haven’t had any breakfast, so I’m going to go and get a cup of tea and some toast,” she humorously told a Lott official. “I might want something a bit stronger later, but right now, I just need to sit down and let it sink in.”

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