Baccarat – Greivances |

It’s pretty simple. The guy is a bully. It’s his nature. His contribution to this site is basically nil. Mostly he’s in it to make fun of people and pound his chest. When asked a fair question about what he posts he just tries to pick a fight by calling people names. He regularly interferes with other threads with no relevant content.

As a site founder I don’t like to see this kind of stuff run rampant. People can get booted from this site. Frankly, that goes for you as well. You seem to spend a lot of time harassing people who post. You are new here. There’s a lot of lee way and there should be. Probably I get caught up in it as well. That’s my bad.

I have no intention at this point to request a vote for anyone get banned. But that’s how it happens. It’s not up to me. It’s up to the members. I know a lot of members don’t like it and I’m sure it prevents participation.

Now you know. My grievance is both personal and general.


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