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I simply typed in “prevalence tetanus” into Google. This is what I saw (and what you will likely see too) IMMEDIATELY:

“Extremely rare
Fewer than 1,000 US cases per year
Babies (0-2 years): extremely rare
Toddlers (3-5 years): extremely rare
Children (6-13 years): extremely rare
Teenagers (14-18 years): extremely rare
Young adults (19-40 years): extremely rare
Adults (41-60 years): extremely rare
Seniors (60+ years): extremely rare
More about this condition
Consult a doctor for medical advice
Sources include: Mayo Clinic, and others. Learn more
People also ask
How common is tetanus in unvaccinated?
Today, tetanus is uncommon in the United States, with an average of about 30 reported cases each year. Nearly all cases of tetanus are among people who did not get all the recommended tetanus vaccinations.”

Norm, you say about 1/3 who get tetanus die from it. So, annually, 10 Americans per year die from it. And I wouldnt call the Mayo Clinic a “goofy site.”

What am I missing?

To me, it sounds like a conspiracy when people are FOR, not against, certain vaccines.

And are people getting vaccines like tetanus out of love for their fellow man/women (herd immunity) or because they are scared of getting something 10 people will die from? In contrast, I believe the probability of dying in a vehicle crash is about 1/84. Do you ‘vaccinate’ yourself against this somewhat sobering statistic by not driving, or do we instead take reasonable safety precautions that benefit others and you that still enable you to LIVE, not just survive.

Seriousplayer: please address your concerns with my post. Making sweeping derogatory comments is hurtful and also weakens your credibility. Do you disagree with ALL of my points? 3 of them? Any common ground?

And, by the way, Seriousplayer, IF I have the virus, I will likely be Ok!!!!!!!! And I take more than reasonable precautions to not transmit it to someone IF I am asymptomatic. (By the way, do we really know the likelihood of transmission by asymptomatic people, or do some folks read that it is “possible” and from there go on to assume its perhaps common?). People have commented that I wear a mask TOO much, but I dont think I have.

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” That may sound glib, but living in fear is not the answer. Research, for instance, the increase in number of youth mental health issues and suicides caused by kids not being in school.

This is definitely a thorny, divisive issue.

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