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Blackjack Pizza

General information

Blackjack Pizza is quite a unique restaurant chain that emphasizes quality over quantity. Being established back in 1983, Blackjack Pizza is a restaurant chain that managed to proliferate, eventually becoming more popular among Americans. But first, let’s start with a personal story of its owner, founder, and president. Despite not having Blackjack Pizza stocks traded in the New York Stock Exchange, Vince Schmuhl has a story related to Domino’s Pizza.
In 1981, Vince was no more than a college student at the University of Northern Colorado, trying to get his business degree. He soon managed to do so, but his part-time job was to work as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza. Shortly after receiving a degree, Vince was surely unsatisfied with the employment options, deciding to enter the significant pizza market. He had to borrow a total of $10,000 from his parents to start quite an ambitious idea, which was the opening of Blackjack Pizza.
The naming of the brand refers to blackjack, a marvelous casino game. Yet, this naming irony was that Vince wanted to contrast dominos and blackjack, eventually outlining that Blackjack Pizza was an alternative to Domino’s Pizza. The first-ever store was opened in 1983 in Federal Heights, marking the beginning of an impressive story of a unique restaurant chain. In 1988, the company was skyrocketing, deciding to expand as a franchisor, making it possible to open new stores via this model.
The company marked its new developmental stage by opening dozens of stores, primarily focusing on the Rocky Mountain area. As outlined in Vince’s narratives, he has always wanted to deliver top-notch quality food to satisfy the never-ending pizza craving. At the moment of writing, you can find 42 Blackjack Pizza stores in the five states, namely Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, and Florida. Quite recently, in 2013, in particular, Blackjack Pizza was acquired by Askar Brands. Yet, the company hasn’t lost its essence, whereas Vince maintained his role as a president.
The company’s tagline is “Better Pizza, Better Price,” which is highly recognizable in the mentioned five states. Thanks to a narrow focus on the Rocky Mountain region, Blackjack Pizza is a local pizza delivery leader and dine-in options. Making emphasis on fresh ingredients, handcrafted food, and renewed recipes, the taste of Blackjack Pizza won’t disappoint you. You see, the story of bringing an alternative to Domino’s Pizza by a former employer is quite an exciting arc. Let’s find out more about this company’s achievements and what it has to offer.


Like it or not, Blackjack Pizza hasn’t earned any major trophies or achievements on the state-wide level due to its regional focus. Yet, in a few states where Blackjack Pizza stores are operating, it continually got positive reviews and feedbacks. In dozens of review articles, Blackjack Pizza is named as a real power that brings a healthy alternative to national chains. According to its loyal customers, Blackjack Pizza can deliver top-notch quality that is rarely can be experienced by using its larger competitors.
Thanks to a narrow regional focus of the chain, the delivery options exceed all the customers’ expectations. Except for customer satisfaction rations, Blackjack Pizza is recognized as a real innovator regarding stores’ renovation. According to independent interior analysts, the company’s measures to revamp the chain’s stores are remarkable. Yet, for objective reasons, Blackjack Pizza hasn’t got any national awards, primarily because it doesn’t aim to do so.


We all came here to get to know more about what Blackjack Pizza can offer regarding its meals. You should be aware that despite the chain is operating only in the five states, the menus are different, depending on the location of your nearest store. That’s why we will shed light on quite the basics of Blackjack Pizza and its pizza and non-pizza options. Since the primary focus of the chain is pizza, you can order one of the following variations:

  • Square Pan Hawaiian Pizza
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Deluxe
  • Meatza
  • Veggie
  • Jackpot
  • Chicken Mediterranean
  • Round or Thin Hand Tossed Pizzas

You see, it seems that Blackjack Pizza puts the most emphasis on its square pan, round, and hand-tossed pizza variations. This approach makes it quite a unique chain that specializes in delivering unique pizza options. You can still order a regular pizza version or try one of the non-pizza options, including:

  • Garden Salad
  • Antipasto Salad
  • Greek Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Michigan Cherry Salad
  • Chicken Wings
  • Cheesy Bread
  • Breadsticks
  • Cinna Bread
  • Blue Bill Ice Cream
  • Calzones
  • Desserts
  • Sodas, including Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, and Mug Shot Beer

You see, Blackjack Pizza also specializes in delivering a considerable number of non-pizza options, some of which will surprise you with their nutritional value and palpable aromas.

Student discount

What makes Blackjack Pizza so dominant in the Rocky Mountain region’s market is its wide range of promos. Directly on its website, you can find a dedicated section titled ‘Coupons.’ There, you’ll find dozens of promos, depending on your location and state you’re living in. Exclusively for students, Blackjack Pizza has prepared unique offers available on demand. Some other promotions for schoolers include Large 2-Topping Pizza for just $12.99. Don’t forget the ‘L2T’ promo code.
You can also make the most of a Dinner for 2 promotion, which includes a Large 1-Topping Pizza, CheeseBread or CinnaBread & 2-Liter of soda for just $18.99. You can make the most of this promotion with a ‘D42’ code. Please note that all coupons and student discounts refresh occasionally. Don’t forget to take a closer look at them before making an order, and remember that fresh student minds deserve a proper meal!

First Order discount

The citizens of the Rocky Mountain region are eligible for claiming a unique first order discount. Although you won’t find it on the website, you can save up to 30% of your first order. For more information, don’t hesitate to ask some questions about this promo online or by phone. After all, isn’t it impressive that Blackjack Pizza gives a lucrative offer for those who are about to try its appetizing meals for the first time?

Military discounts

Blackjack Pizza is a bit sloppy on adding it to its available promos when it comes to military discounts. Although Blackjack Pizza has cooperated with dozens of veteran organizations, it hasn’t added a dedicated military discount. It’s a pity that this chain is still working on adding such a needed military deal.

Special discounts

Speaking of special promos, one can be confident that Blackjack Pizza has much to offer. Depending on your state and the nearest store, you can find a dazzling array of special discounts. Some of the most remarkable offers right now are:

  • All-In Promos. At the moment of writing, Arizona citizens can order one Large Specialty Pizza, one Large 1-Topping Pizza, Cheese bread, and 2-Liter of any drink for just $29.99. Don’t forget about the ‘ALLIN’ coupon.
  • Pizza & Salad Promotions. You can order a Large 2-Topping Pizza and a Regular-Sized Salad for just $17.99 with a ‘PSAL’ promo code.
  • Thematic Promos. Right now, you can benefit from the so-called Blackjack Trio promotion. Order a Large 1-Topping Pizza, CheeseBread, and CinnaBread for $21. The promo code for this offer is ‘TRIO.’

The good news about Blackjack Pizza is that it offers a wide range of coupons for all tastes and preferences. Strictly pizza lovers wound find something for themselves, whereas salad and side fans can benefit from other discounts. Check the Blackjack Pizza website from time to time since it offers various coupons for holidays and special events.

What makes Blackjack Pizza unique?

When it comes to the uniqueness of Blackjack Pizza, the reasons for outlining its distinctiveness are many. The first and the most viable reason that makes Blackjack Pizza stand out compared to its alternatives is the price. If you consider all the combo meals, promo codes, and coupons, it’s one of the best price-value options on the market. Don’t forget that Blackjack Pizza never freezes cheese or other ingredients, making its products have a distinctive and delectable aroma and taste.
Other than that, the online ordering system of Blackjack Pizza is intuitive and straightforward to execute. You can order everything you want in just a few clicks. The same goes for a phone ordering or a takeaway option. Even though Blackjack Pizza focuses only on the five states, it has much to offer regarding usability and easiness of using their services.
Don’t forget that Blackjack Pizza puts much emphasis on its coupons and special discounts. You should also remember about Blackjack Rewards, which accumulate the more you order there. All customers earn unique points that can be further spent on some more crunchy pizzas. If you keep in mind that the quality of food at Blackjack Pizza exceeds your expectations, moderate pricing is a unique combination of quality and value. For that sole reason, it seems that Blackjack Pizza is a real competitor to dozens of national chains operating in the Rocky Mountain region, including Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

Shopping tips

Alright, let’s keep it simple and straightforward. Before diving deep into reviewing your local Blackjack Pizza store’s menu, consider visiting its website first. One of the most apparent recommendations is to skim through available coupons. Since Blackjack Pizza is known for its exceptionally valuable promos, making the most of these discounts is a must. Don’t forget that most coupons rotate all the time, meaning that paying a visit to the website of Blackjack Pizza is a decent option. After all, it’s always better to save a few bucks just by entering a free coupon, don’t you think so?
Another recommendation that we commonly give relates to nutritional information. On the website of Blackjack Pizza, you will find all the nutritional value of products used in any of pizzas or non-pizza sides. The website enlists all the accurate information, combined with a detailed guide on allergens. In case you’re an allergic person, consider taking a look at that section to get a clear picture of what Blackjack Pizza has to offer.
Except for the discounts and nutritional information, we always encourage customers to look at the combined meals. In most cases, you’d get more value just by ordering a combined promotion instead of including all the options one by one. Not only you’d save some cash doing so, but you can also add some healthier options, including salads, to supplement your nutritional intake.

Work schedule and Delivery

Alright, you should be aware that Blackjack Pizza works slightly differently from other restaurant chains, especially the national ones. The work schedule of any chain store can be different, depending on local customers’ preferences. It means that you should manually check the working hours before making an order. The usual work schedule of most restaurants is 10:30 AM – 11 or 12 PM. These hours might change during the weekends, Veteran day, and other holidays.
Regarding the delivery, any American consumer from the Rocky Mountain region can count on the services of Blackjack Pizza. The minimum amount of money to proceed with a delivery varies from one store to another, usually peaking at $10. Except for this rule, the service fees apply, which are also fluctuating, depending on your location and the distance to the nearest Blackjack Pizza store. Except for these nuances, the delivery services of Blackjack Pizza are quite fast, able to deliver your order in quite a fast time frame. The usual waiting time doesn’t exceed 40 minutes, yet the closer you are to the store, the fastest you’ll get your mouth-watering pizza and sides.

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