Bovada Blackjack Results

Just played a little over 80 hands on ‘Classic Blackjack‘ on Bovada. Started with $14, stopped at $25. I know, high roller, but that’s a 79% ROI. Mainly just playing for fun, but I’m getting back into playing and starting to track my stats. I’m playing strict, multi-deck basic strategy and have started surrendering with a 15 or 16 depending on what the dealer’s showing. Here’s my results from tonight:

Wins: 41/82, 50%…3 Blackjacks (4% of total hands)

Losses: 32/82, 39%

Pushes: 7/82, 9%

Surrenders: 2/82, 2%

If there’s any other stats people would be interested in, I can try and start tracking that as well.

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