Complete IP ban to all online casinos in costa rica?

There’s a small chance a new stimulus will be passed, which would bail me out of all the money I’ve lost to their table this year, starting in March. I wasn’t as good as I am now with the extra bullshit, not that it made a difference in a game where my chances were 40% to win.

Total hands: 2604

Total bets: $31,622.50

Average Bet: $12.21

House Net Win (Loss): $44.50

This was off a 100 dollar deposit four days prior.

I emailed these people about 2 months ago asking them to IP ban my access to their web addresses. They replied I have to do it through each casino provider individually. So far, I’ve banned my access to the following:


casino max

las atlantis

all winning poker network skins

all chico skinns

el royale casino

Are there any others that I’ve missed? I would rather be dead than continue to lose my money and life to online gambling. My brain is already damaged to the point where I can’t control myself even though I should’ve stopped doing this years ago. I’ve been emailing these companies since last year to disallow access and there’s always another website to sign up on.

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