Counting is Tough (Mentally Draining)

This stuff is hard to do sometimes. I know in the long run that you will come out ahead, but those days were you are instantly down a few hundred dollars (I play $10/hand with a 1:12-16 bet spread, so 2 by $60-80) and the big bets don’t work out your way… it’s rough. I go back the next day, knowing that the next time I hit a big count, the cards should work out in my favor. I am up $782 this week, and that’s with a $500 loss yesterday. This week in total I played 15 hours. I’m pretty content with that.

It’s a grind… for those that are looking to start or are just starting (like myself), it’s going to test your mental toughness, as well as your emotions. If you have ever watched the movie “21” (I am sure almost everyone has here), you know that you have to keep your emotions in check. When you start to let emotions make decisions for you, that’s when you get into trouble.

Before you even consider going into the casino, make sure you have the mental toughness to handle going down a few hundred (or thousand depending on your bet size) dollars, and believe that you can come back from a loss.

Tuesday I was down $480 and I was down my last $20 that I started with. I hadn’t ran into a good shoe (TC >4) all damn morning. I never did the whole morning but I sat out when the TC went below -1, and came back in when the TC went above +2. I finished $5 ahead that day.

It’s a grind. It really is.

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