Cutting back on BR

Still unwilling to return to BJ, not willing to risk life, I have taken off $15k (from my $75k) from my BR as I don’t see returning anytime soon.

With Covid sky high in my town this week, with son commuting to college, hanging with friends and returning home, with spouse working at dental office and going about her business, albeit masked, I don’t feel all that safe at home.

So, with some of my BR, I am heading out, road tripping, tomorrow. Plan is to cross my state, into Kansas, stay overnight and then into Colorado. Since, I hav3 been to the Rockies, Denver and sights along I-70, plan to hit a few cities…Limon, Colorado Springs, Poncho Springs, over the Continental divide to Grand Junction and Moab, UT.

In Utah, a day or two roaming around national parks. I might visit Las Vegas but don’t see the point if casinos are not safe. Might rest up a couple of days there before heading back.

Anyone done any of these places?

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