Debate Odds Against Trump Saying BLM, Denouncing White Power and Wearing a Mask

The second and final Presidential Debate is here, and the oddsmakers have put together some intriguing prop bets for the show(down).

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The odds heavily favor Donald Trump not saying “Black Lives Matter” at any point during the debate. Trump isn’t expected to be seen in a mask at any point either, and it’s a tossup whether or not he’ll denounce white supremacists.

If another rogue fly sneaks its way through security, as one did during the VP debate, the odds point toward it landing on Trump instead of Joe Biden.

Check out the fun ways to bet on Thursday’s debate below, including what each candidate will say first.

Odds from are subject to change and your readers can view real-time numbers via the link below.

Will Trump be asked about “white supremacists?”

Yes -175

No +135

Will Trump denounce white supremacists?

Yes -120

No -120

Will Trump say Black Lives Matter?

Yes +550

No -1000

What will be said first by candidates?

Antifa -400

QAnon +250

Who’s head will fly land on first?

Biden +200

Trump -300

Will Donald Trump be shown wearing a mask during broadcast?

Yes +400

No -700

Will Joe Biden be shown wearing a mask during broadcast?

Yes -200

No +150

What will Joe Biden say first?

Scranton +150

Come on man +200

Unpresidential +250

Clown +600

Shut up +700

Shush +700

What will Donald Trump say first?

Fake news +125

Socialist +200

Hoax +500

Lost the left +500

Crooked Hillary +600

Rigged +600

Total viewers

Over 70.5 million

Under 70.5 million

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