DHHL Proposal for a Casino Resort, 12-2020 – Oahu Forum

It would be a HUUUUGE success.

The propensity of Hawaii residents to gamble among the States is literally off the charts, being multiple times greater than the #2 state. Estimated $15 million a week dropped by residents in Nevada casinos.

The proposed site is first rate, with great frontage, easy access to the rail terminus and the freeway, adjacent to a hotel and a major mall, and appropriately zoned and serviced.

But it ain’t likely gonna happen.

The Hawaiians are not a federally recognized tribe/band which would potentially allow them access to gaming via the IGA. Further, Hawaii has no legal gambling which would provide the “hook” they would otherwise need to claim gaming rights.

It’s tough to say this is an effort within the purview of DHHL’s mandate.

The community opposition would be tremendous to a suburban casino.

Hawaii folks are very tolerant, but also quite conservative culturally and religiously. And, even plenty of those who gamble don’t want to lose their bi-annual trips to Vegas or their husbands to the neighborhood joint every weekend.

Count me in, I’m pulling for it.

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