Did you win a share of €600 at Unibet?

After running our ever popular Task List raffle for years, bringing prizes of up to $300 to our active members on a weekly basis, we’ve decided to mix things up for a couple of weeks.

Unibet, one of our most beginner friendly partner rooms, has opted to take over for a while, rewarding PokerStrategists with brand-new weekly prizes as well as putting out new tasks that go along with that, with some more redundant tasks from the list of choices being removed.

As before, tickets for the weekly raffle are earned by completing various tasks on our website or partner rooms throughout each week, with the following new tasks now added:

Task Tickets
Create an account at Unibet and earn your first StrategyPoint 60
Earn at least 10 StrategyPoints at Unibet on three separate days from Monday to Friday 30
Earn at least 100 StrategyPoints at Unibet from Monday to Friday 30
All our previous tasks Up to 71

We’re also mixing things up when it comes to the weekly prizes, with each of them now coming in Bonus Points at Unibet which then can be converted into tournament and cash game tickets in our partner room’s loyalty store.

Your Unibet account doesn’t have to be tracked through PokerStrategy.com, but you have to enter your Unibet User ID in your profile with us by Sunday before the next raffle. Otherwise you won’t be eligible to receive a prize since we won’t be able to credit the Bonus Points appropriately.

If you don’t have an account yet at Unibet, you can simply create one right here, start completing your first tasks, and enjoy exclusive promotions for PokerStrategists like our monthly €10,000 Rake Race.

Enter your Unibet User ID now to participate in the raffle

unibet raffle

Rank Prize
1 25,000 Bonus Points (worth €250)
2 15,000 Bonus Points (worth €150)
3 5,000 Bonus Points (worth €50)
4-20 1,000 Bonus Points (worth €10)

Terms & Conditions: Prizes will be paid directly to your Unibet user account and paid in Unibet Bonus Points, which then can be converted into tournament or cash game tickets (see Unibet for details on restrictions, expiration etc). Prizes are credited within 5 working days of the promotion period and only members who entered their Unibet User ID in their profile by Sunday will be eligible to receive any in upcoming raffles. Unclaimed prizes expire after 7 days. This promo is only available in locations that Unibet operates in, excluding Sweden and Belgium. PokerStrategy.com and Unibet reserve the right to amend or cancel any part of this promotion at any time and Unibet’s T&C apply at any time.

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The latest Unibet Raffle results

The next week of our overhauled weekly raffle is in the books and the winners have been drawn. This time around, the main prize of €250 in Bonus Points goes to a member of our Polish community. A massive congratulations from everyone at PokerStrategy.com!

Winning €250 at Unibet:


And as promised, there’s now an increased number of additional prizes given away every week, with 19 other PokerStrategists winning a prize, too.

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