Dominant Show Causes Maksim Sekretarev WPT Russia Champion

Some may possibly not have thought it feasible however the WPT has crowned a champion that is new 2021 and, against the odds, it happened in a live setting.

Maksim Sekretarev WPT winMaksim Sekretarev WPT win

Maksim Sekretarev is the WPT Russia event that is main after a dominant display inside Casino Sochi. (Image: WPT/Oleg ParaMon)

Despite many areas of European countries being under lockdown limitations, Russia’s Casino Sochi ended up being available for company week that is last

Masks were on display throughout the WPT Russia event that is main. But, whenever potato chips had dropped, champion Maksim Sekretarev surely could reduce their and raise a grin.

Locals Come out in effect for Live WPT Main Event

There had been a distinctly regional vibe within the ₽245,000/$3,328 event that is main. Due to travel restrictions across Europe, the 251 entrants were mainly from Russia and countries that are nearby Serbia.

While COVID-19 dilemmas suggested WPT Russia ended up beingn’t since popular in itself.

Unlike as it could have been, hosting a live event in the current climate is a feat Australia where a WPT League event recently went down without any restrictions, Russia still has some safety precautions in place. That didn’t dampen the spirits of those that anted up inside Casino Sochi.

Sekretarev seized his opportunity to become a WPT champion under trying conditions on a fast-paced day that is final. He’d dominated the action prior to the 28 finale and didn’t let off.

Within february four hours of play, he’d torn through the final six and clinched his first title that is live

The reality Sekretarev eliminated each finalist is impressive. But, the known fact he became a stack with three left made his demolition job all the more remarkable.Sekretarev Flip Flops to Victory Inside Casino SochiSekretarev’s fall and subsequent resurgence hinged on a coinflip that is classic. He relocated all-in with

A♥ Q♦ throughout the top of Ravil Khamatgareev’s raise.Khamatgareev place his stack exactly in danger with pocket jacks and most likely wished he previouslyn’t following the flop ran out Q♥ 3♣ 2♠. Things didn’t get any benefit in the change and river because the 9♣ and


brought the hand to a finish.That cooking pot provided Sekretarev a lead that is commanding Andrey Volkov. The deficit at the start of heads-up play was almost 4:1 and it took Sekretarev just four hands to get things done.The final hand saw everyone miss the board, but Sekretarev’s K♥ Q♣ scooped the pot over Volkov’s

10♦ 8♦

  1. .
  2. WPT Russia Main Event Result
  3. Maksim Sekretarev – $160,694
  4. Andrey Volkov – $107,135
  5. Ravil Khamatgareev – $78,232
  6. Vladimir Bozinovic – $57,942

Vanush Mnatsakanyan – $43,530


— World Poker Tour (@WPT) February 28, 2021

The win is one he’ll remember for a time that is long come. However, it also symbolizes the return that is gradual of poker tournaments in Europe.

Although areas of the united states and Australia are becoming back once again to company, nations including the British remain on national lockdown sales.

However, With more winners popping up around the global globe, it is an indicator that things are slowly getting back once again to normal.

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