Doug Polk Streamed His Day 15 Session With Daniel Negreanu Live – Watch Here

Day 15 of the Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk heads-up battle was held on Friday afternoon as Negreanu hoped to make it three in a row and make a bigger dent in Polk’s bankroll compared to the previous two sessions.

Heading into the session, Doug Polk was up $565,417.57 after 7,015 hands. The pair will played three hours on Friday, meaning playing stretched until 8:30 PM ET. In recent sessions, Negreanu and Polk have been playing 3-4 hours per day, as they aim to knock out more hands in the challenge.

It was another wild session between Negreanu and Polk on Friday with Negreanu ultimately coming out ahead by $46,581.88 and winning his third session in a row. The pair played for three hours with 452 hands completed on the day. Despite the fact that Negreanu has won three sessions in a row, they have all been small. Polk will head into the next session with a $514k lead with 7,469 hands played.

Doug Polk went live on Friday

For fans of the heads-up match, Friday was a special day to tune in, as Doug Polk streamed the session live for the first time from his office with a brief delay. In addition to the occasional hole cards that were revealed, the session included running commentary and the typical Polk banter that we have all come to know and love.

Over 12,000 poker fans tuned into Doug Polk’s stream at one point when accounting for his YouTube channel and Upswing Twitch channel. Fair warning for those tuning in: As Doug Polk revealed during the session, “this is not a PG stream.”

You can watch the match below live or view an archive of the session after it is complete.

[embedded content]

Earlier in the week, Polk had teased that he would do a live session if he got over 25,000 retweets on a November 29th tweet. He didn’t come close to his target but he ultimately gave poker fans what they wanted on Friday.

Bill Perkins was among those pleased with the opportunity to witness the session live from Polk himself:

Despite Polk hiding his hole cards for much of the session, some observors including Max Silver noticed that Polk might have been giving away a bit too much at one point:

Joey Ingram did not stream during Friday’s session, possibly due to respect for Polk’s special stream. If you are looking for alternative coverage, poker fans can tune into the GG Poker YouTube stream. Jeff Platt and Brent Hanks provided commentary, who were joined by Daniel’s wife, Amanda Negreanu.

After the session, Negreanu joined Platt and Hanks for his usual post game interview:

[embedded content]

In winning three sessions in a row, Negreanu said after the match that his “confidence is good,” but that he is still waiting for when he really starts to run hot.

Up next

After three sessions this week, Negreanu and Polk will take a break this weekend. The plan is to pick things up for Session 16 on Monday starting at the normal time, 5:30 PM ET.

Once again, you can find coverage on the match through a variety of different streams:

GG Poker Official YouTube Channel with Jeff Platt (Daniel Negreanu official stream)
DougPolkPoker Official YouTube Channel
Upswing Poker Official Twitch Channel with Mike Brady
Joey Ingram YouTube Channel with Landon Tice
Solve for Why YouTube channel, featuring Matt Berkey and Christian Soto

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