Dueling Presidential Town Hall Odds: Best Prop Bets For Biden, Trump

  • The rival Presidential town hall meetings have sports bettors taking action at online sportsbooks.
  • “Yes” has the shortest odds at +200 to be what Biden says first.
  • Trump has the shortest odds at -220 to have the better Nielsen ratings at NBC for the debate.

MIAMI – With President Donald Trump testing positive for the coronavirus and refusing to have the presidential debate virtually, the two candidates will instead face off in a different way, a simultaneous town hall meeting.

Both Trump and former VP Joe Biden will address separate crowds in two different cities, Trump in Miami and Biden in Philadelphia, and answer critical questions.

Sports bettors are taking heavy action on the two events, from which town hall meeting will have better ratings, to how many times Biden will say China. The night will be filled with betting lines for political sports bettors, the magnitude of which mirrors that of the Super Bowl.

Town Hall Rivalry

Although the Presidential Debate has been canceled, this does not stop 2020 Presidential Election odds from slowing down, as online sportsbooks are hosting betting lines for the simultaneous town hall meetings.

Sports bettors are taking action on the dueling town halls, with many sports bettors leaning in Trump’s favor to have the best ratings.

Which Town Hall Will Have Better Nielsen Ratings

  • Biden (ABC) +155
  • Trump (NBC) -220

It makes sense that sports bettors are leaning towards Trump having the most views on the night. What works in the President’s favor is that he is extremely polarizing, so whether people agree with him or not, they will tune in.

President Trump’s rallies have also managed to pack the room for more than Biden, although the Biden camp claims to limit seating due to the pandemic. It is still likely that more viewers will tune in to see what outlandish statements Trump will make over the more predictable event Biden is hosting.

This is further supported by the Democratic Party calling for a boycott on NBC for airing the debate at the same time.

Another betting line sports bettors are taking action on is the over/under on how many times Joe Biden will say China. The odds show sports bettors are split on the total.

How Many Times Will Joe Biden Say China

  • Over 1.5 -120
  • Under 1.5 -120

With Donald Trump not being across from Biden, egging him on about his alleged ties to the country, it makes sense that Biden wouldn’t be saying China that much in response.

However, the coronavirus pandemic does lead to the possibility of him mentioning China a few times. This makes the betting line all the trickier to determine.

Sports bettors are also betting heavily on what Joe Biden will say first in his town hall meeting. Yes has the shortest odds.

What Will Be Said First By Joe Biden

  • Yes +200
  • No +250
  • Well +300
  • I’m +325
  • Look +350

This betting line can go either way. If Biden is asked a direct question first, it’s possible that Yes and No could be the very first thing he says. This explains why the two options have the shortest odds.

However, Biden has started answering questions and saying ‘Well’ before getting into his response on multiple occasions.

This betting line is truly a pick’em, with profitable odds regardless, any choice seems to be a potential big win.

The town hall meeting will keep political bettors busy at legal sports betting sites. The election is beginning to reach its climax with the November 3 election day just weeks away.

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