GGPoker Makes Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian Its New Ambassador

Upstart online poker room GGPoker made waves Friday after announcing Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian as its new pro poke representative.

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The announcement was met with a mixed reaction.

Poker pro Doug Polk implied there are “better” pros to go after.

“Dan Bilzerian becoming a GG poker ambassador is the equivalent of me becoming an ambassador for GQ.”

Daniel Negreanu tweeted that Bilzerian is great for the game and will help to attract players, regardless of what folks may think of him.

“I’ve said as has Hanks for a long time that Dan is a huge influencer for poker and attracts exactly the kind of guys you want to play with. I say it because… it happens to be true.”

Chris Baud of Deadspin suggests Bilzerian will hurt efforts to legitimize the game on the legal front and argues that he is not even a good poker player.

“I would definitely guess he hurts legalization efforts,” Las Vegas pro Aaron O’Rourke told Deadspin. “Obviously he sucks at poker, but he’s obviously also problematic as a face of your company. There are people who know things who think he’s problematic, but they are greatly outnumbered by people that don’t know anything other than the fact that he’s rich, he’s in good shape, and he has naked [women] around.”

Americas Cardroom CEO Phil Nagy offered a challenge to have Canadian female pro go up against Bilzerian in a 25/50 HU.

Her response:

“I dunno, I think it would be bad for @DanBilzerian’s already vulnerable brand if he lost to some random Canadian hoe in a onesie.”

– Nagesh Rath,

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