Guide To The Best Bookmakers For Bets On Scandinavian Events

Lots of gamblers love to bet on the best Scandinavian sports and events, which is why we’ve compiled a guide to the best bookmakers for bets on Scandinavian events.

Our guide explains the link between many online casinos and sportsbooks, and how you can exploit this to your advantage. We’ll show you the best online bookmakers to bet at for Scandinavian events, as well as how to know which casino operators use which bookmakers.

We’ll show you how to regularly get the best odds about your selections, where to find the best choice of markets, and how to take advantage of the best welcome offers. We also consider the pros and cons of being a loyal member, check out famous bookmakers, and conclude with how to choose your favorite casino sportsbook.

Best Online Bookmakers For Scandinavian Events

It’s not possible to get all the best odds, betting markets, and promotions at one casino, which is why we advise you to open to the idea of betting with several bookmakers to optimize your betting experience.

Bookmakers all have teams of odds compilers that work out the odds for every selection and market, which is a good reason to open more than one bookmaker account.

Odd compilers come up with these odds by using computer programs to help them analyze statistics about the competitors to assess their chances of winning. The opinions of different teams of odds compilers vary, which is why you can get different odds about some selections at a variety of bookmakers.

Once you have opened accounts with different bookmakers, it is easy to compare these odds to make sure you get the best odds about your selections. Always getting the best odds is one way to help you maximize your profits from gambling.

That’s why you should consider opening accounts with lots of popular Scandinavian bookmakers, such as Betsson, Bethard, Unibet, and ComeOn. These four bookmakers all offer different odds about many selections, so it’s a great idea to have an account with each of them.

Know Which Casino Operators Use Which Bookmakers

Lots of betting sites in Scandinavia are now casino and sportsbook combos, with many casinos using the same bookmaking platforms. That means, if you open accounts with casinos that use the same bookmakers, you’ll get identical odds and markets at these betting sites.

However, you could still take advantage of welcome offers at these casinos. For example, if you like the odds about one of your selections at Unibet, see if you can grab a bonus and get the same odds at Leo Vegas.

There are other online casinos that also use the same bookmakers, for example, ComeOn, NordicBet, and Betsafe, all use Betsson. Meanwhile, Mobilebet and Folkeautomaten offer the same odds as ComeOn.

We always recommend you shop around to find the perfect combination of the best odds and the best bookmaker bonuses. By doing this, you’ll be able to maximize your stakes and odds, giving you the best chance of winning the most money. That’s a winwin situation in our book.

Get The Best Selection Of Markets

Bookmakers all tend to have pros and cons. You might find that one bookmaker offers the biggest odds on a high percentage of your selections but doesn’t offer all the markets you’d like to bet on. Equally, other bookmakers might offer a fantastic choice of markets, some of which you can’t find anywhere else. This is another excellent reason to have accounts with lots of the best bookmakers.

This is especially true if you want to bet on popular Scandinavian betting markets, for example, the Melodi Grand Prix or the Norwegian Cross Country Skiing Championships. Not all bookmakers offer odds on these events, so make sure you have an account with one or more betting sites that do. But you should also keep your other accounts open, as these may still offer better odds about other markets you bet on, such as Scandinavian football.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Loyal Player

When it comes to betting big sums of money, there are pros and cons of being loyal to a bookmaker. If you want a bet that is bigger than your current limit, say 5,000KR when your limit is 1,000KR, a bookmaker is much more likely to allow your bet if you are a loyal customer. But they can still refuse your bet if they wish.

If you limit yourself to just one bookmaker in this scenario, you will be stuck with a smaller than desired bet. But if you have several accounts with bookmakers, you can spread your bet around. For example, you could have five 1,000KR bets with different bookmakers, rather than having one 5,000KR bet.

Many bookmakers also offer rewards to loyal players, so you should consider these when placing any bets, especially big bets.

Check Out Famous Bookmakers

There are lots of bookmakers that provide odds for online casinos that also have sportsbooks. We think the two best ones for Scandinavian players are Kambi and SBTech. Kambi provides odds for the Kindred Group casinos such as Unibet. Meanwhile, SBTech provides the odds for Co-Gaming, whose flagship website is ComeOn.

Choosing Your Favorite Casinos With Sportsbooks

When you sign up at an online casino to bet on their sportsbook, we suggest you consider several criteria. These sportsbooks should always be safe and fair, and we only recommend this type of casino sportsbook at NorgeCasino.

When we recommend a casino sportsbook, we also consider it offers a high percentage of the best odds that Scandinavian bettors can enjoy. We will also recommend some sportsbooks that offer a range of markets that others do not. This is especially true where they offer markets and odds for Scandinavian events that are not available at lots of other bookmakers. Of course, we also try and find you the best casino/sportsbook welcome bonuses.

NorgeCasino aims to bring you all the best bookmakers and welcome offers, and this list of bookmakers from is regularly updated.

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