How many of you continue to gamble without any life changing wins?

*I am currently on a losing streak, so I mainly made this post cause I am reflecting on my mistakes.

I have been gambling for 10 year now (lotto, cards, dfs, slots, etc). I am definitely down overall but I had some good times in there. I have had some wins like 50-100x of my bet but none of these have been life changing wins. And I eventually lose it all back. Part of the appeal of gambling I think is for these life changing wins. I wonder how many of yall continue to gambling if you have not won something good? Why do most of you gamble? Have some of you stop chasing and just do small bets?

I am thinking I should probably gamble with less of my bankroll and look for better EV (like higher cost slots and dfs). With the additional timeI have, I should look for other hobbies that have more stability (get back to playing sports, cooking ).

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