How not to gamble your life away this Playoff Season/CFB final

I love football and ‘tis the season for partaking in fun contests with our friends and family – maybe even getting a little action on a favorable line you’re seeing. This is your friendly reminder to check in with yourself and make sure you’re betting for the right reasons – with your heart and your mind, not compulsively.

My advice that I have been using during contests – especially big games/during parlays… Before you start to hedge, or pick up another live bet – take 3 deep breaths, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I feeling emotionallh?

  • What is this emotion trying to tell me?

  • How can I operate at my highest level of understanding?

These questions won’t change your luck; but they may stop you from getting in your own way (my ultimate weakness). If you’re not seeing with strong clarity – don’t play. As a recovering stimulation addict, I found myself displacing my addictions from sexting, to porn, to social media. I started my own subreddit r/stimulationaddiction because I detoxed from my addictions and wanted to stay up on my compulsions and live more deliberately.

One of my favorite aspects of sports betting is how it pulls you into the present – deeply passionate about the outcome of the game, often in the same way the players are. My goal is to be able to tap into that feeling naturally (so I am not only betting to get it, to mainly bet with friends in small contests, and to keep my bets deliberate (never chase and don’t spend me life seeking the right line) – so that I can get the optimal outcome but also so that I can bet in a healthy way. Once gambling become compulsive – a reaction rather than a choice, you know you have a problem for your health, and will for your wallet.

Stay connected to your feelings, stay grounded. Enjoy yourselves and may the odds be in your favor!

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