I Need a Reality Check

Never been much of a blackjack casino player but got deep into stock market trading over the summer. Decided to try my hand at real blackjack gambling (I’ve always enjoyed developing strategies and practicing it for fun).

I developed a modified martingale strategy and tried it out at the casino yesterday and today. Basically I double down after a loss. Triple down after a second loss. Quadruple down after a third loss, and then go back to base bet after a fourth loss.

Have seen 170% wins yesterday and today. I know a lot of people on here count cards, but I’m not good with numbers. I am good at memorizing specific number strategies though, strangely.

Curious how lucky this really is, versus if this is the result of my strategy/edge. Also curious to get any general feedback going forward from the seasoned blackjack players gamblers here.

Appreciate it.

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