Is Oculus (Facebook) Quest 2 worth it?

Would wait in general few years.

VR and especially Facebook products are crap. Bad and spongy resolution, hardware problems, no support and tons of bad games/products.

RIFT or Quest are products of Facebook Technologies, LLC, runs under Oculus brand and belongs to Facebook, Inc. So it’s all the same. Next time the Facebook mandatory thing. Fake and steal from customers and you got an expensive dust catcher in your living room ;]

Another point are privacy concerns….

To quote: “The only information we keep on our servers today consists of performance metrics that don’t contain any recognizable detail about your environment. These metrics help us improve [the inside-out tracking system]. We don’t collect and store images or 3D maps of your environment on our servers today — raw images are not stored anywhere, and 3D maps are stored locally on the headset for Quest, and on your local PC (where you have access to delete it) for Rift S. This makes it possible for Quest/ Rift S to remember the playspaces you’ve already set up in multiple rooms.”

And there are several “services” active in the background which break your own privacy during the sessions.

To be honest, there is no reason to pay a company which steal data and break laws all the time. Actually it should be the other way round

For my opinion VR these days is a useless plaything which need a long time to enhance. Remember the 3D hype with monitors and glasses few years ago? Was the same. Underdeveloped technology in children’s shoes, which can be sold expensively.

The same counts for other brands from other companies.

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