LETTER: How can you criticize commissioners, Publix?

I want my friends and neighbors to stop criticizing our county commissioners and their elite staff! They are doing a superb job, and here is a short list of their accomplishments: Murdock Village; the Olean Boulevard neighborhood destruction project; the U.S. 41 “linear park,” with its scenic rows of cabbage palms; Sunseeker, beautified by its commemorative cranes; and now — COVID-19 vaccinations! Is anyone getting vaccinated by the county, other than the commissioners?

I thought I had seen the worst of human nature during the Great Toilet Paper Crisis last year, but I was wrong. The other day at Publix, I was nearly flattened by a vicious NFL-style chop block as I approached the pharmacy. Expecting to see a former linebacker standing over me, I saw instead a snarling octogenarian pushing her walker. “Get out of the way, sonny! I’m getting my shot first!”

And then there was the guy at the head of the line who was yelling at the pharmacist. He was trying to trade 90 rolls of unneeded toilet paper for a better place in the shot line, but the pharmacist wasn’t buying it. (He already had 90 rolls of his own.)

Which brings up the Publix website. How do you describe that insane experience? I think your odds of winning the Powerball Lottery are better than getting a vaccine slot within 300 miles, but it’s fun to play. Kind of like Russian roulette, but with a computer. Either way, your life is truly at stake.

Dick Nelson

Punta Gorda

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