Letter: Multiple causes for catastrophic fires

Governor Gavin Newsom came for a quick photo op at Butte County and blamed all the fires on just one source – “Man Made Global Warming.” Nancy Pelosi exclaimed Democrat “science” saying,“Mother Earth is angry,” between bites of fifteen dollar a pint ice cream. They and their “Eco Warrior” friends claim no culpability.

Anyone with a computer can research the fact that the west has had worse droughts. In 1090 and again in 1130 severe droughts brought disaster to the Anasazi civilization. Science!

During a 200-year megadrought in the Sierra Nevada between the 9th and 12th centuries Fallen Leaf Lake next to Lake Tahoe dropped about 150 to 200 feet below its current level, and giant trees grew there. There are also three older trees, which drowned between 18 and 35 centuries ago suggesting that severe droughts struck even further back in time. Science!

Walk the woods and see the fuel loads from mismanagement. NPR reported Bill Oliver, a wildfire scientist, said the forests are dangerously overgrown today due to prior forest management decisions. Fires now rip through communities. NPR further admitted “Indeed, much has changed since the 1970s and 1980s, which marked the height of the timber wars over clear cutting and the spotted owl. Since then, the amount of federal land open to logging has dropped precipitously.”

Anyone with a brain can see there are multiple causes for these fires not just one cause “Eco Feelgood Science” dribbled out by today’s “Political Scientists” shouting “Mother Earth is Angry.”

— B K Brooks, Chico

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