Line 3 protestors draw large law enforcement presence near Black Bear Casino

CARLTON COUNTY, MN — A group of protesters has made their opposition to Line 3 known in a big near Cloquet.

A small group drew a large law enforcement presence near the oil pipeline’s construction site just west of Black Bear Casino Monday.

Protesters said they arrived around 3 p.m.

One of them was reportedly on top of the pipe, and refused to get off.

“He climbed on top of the pipe that they were laying into the ground and he has been on the pipe since approximately 3 p.m. refusing to move refusing to get down,” said one of the protesters.

Fond du Lac Police and the Carlton County Sheriff’s Officer were both on scene.

Enbridge released the following statement:

Clearly what protesters did tonight was not safe. Our first priority is the safety of all involved – our workers, men and women in law enforcement and the protesters themselves. As a company, we recognize the rights of individuals and groups to express their views legally and peacefully. We hoped all parties would come to accept the outcome of the thorough, science based review and multiple approvals of the Line 3 project over the past six years.

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