Michigan Lotto 47 jackpot reaches all-time record $30.25 million

Record-breaking jackpot up for grabs Saturday night after no winners in Wednesday’s draw

By Kate Northrop

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Lottery’s Lotto 47 jackpot has gotten even bigger after Wednesday night’s drawing failed to produce a winner. Now at an estimated $30.25 million, it continues to push the record for the game’s highest jackpot in history.

Michigan players will have a chance Saturday night, Nov. 7, to take home the jackpot valued at $30.25 million, with a cash value of $19.2 million. According to Michigan Lottery spokesperson Jake Harris, that total after tax will be around $13.4 million.

Conversely, taking the annuity option will grant the winner about $1 million annually in 30 equal installments. After tax, that amount would be approximately $723,500 per year.

Whichever option the winner chooses, if there is one, someone in Michigan is going to be extremely thrilled with the eventual outcome.

“People are pretty excited about that big jackpot and rolling, so I know we’re going to have a happy player — or players — when someone does win it,” Harris told Lottery Post.

The largest-ever Lotto 47 jackpot recorded was $23.6 million, won and anonymously claimed by a player from Macomb County on Mar. 1, 2008. Winners in the state of Michigan may claim their lottery prizes anonymously if the prize is a single payout over $10,000, excluding multi-state prizes for games like Mega Millions and Powerball.

The Lotto 47 draw game has gone 77 drawings without a winner. The most recent player to win a Lotto 47 jackpot that purchased the lone winning ticket back in February of this year in Warren. That jackpot was worth $3.4 million.

As of now, the jackpot ranks the sixth-largest in the world and third-largest in North America, behind the $142 million Mega Millions and $149 million Powerball jackpots. Harris says that he expects interest in multi-state games like Mega Millions and Powerball to rekindle over time as their jackpots increase.

“I would expect that if those jackpots continue to grow, interest with players will continue to grow, and sales will grow accordingly,” he remarked.

Cristy Davis of Waterford was the most recent player from Michigan to win a Mega Millions or Powerball jackpot. She won the $70 million top prize in February of this year, which she planned on using to buy a new car and house.

Although there were no top-prize winners in the Wednesday, Nov. 4 draw, there were 66 winners who matched five numbers to win $2,500 each. The numbers for the draw were 2, 16, 24, 25, 37, and 42.

There were also three winners who won $5,000 by playing Double Play, an add-on that Harris mentioned was a popular amongst Lotto 47 players. The numbers for Wednesday’s Double Play drawing are 3, 17, 18, 22, 38, and 41.

Players who are interested in taking home the record-breaking jackpot can purchase tickets for tomorrow’s drawing by 7:08 pm on the night of the drawing. The drawing will take place at 7:29 pm. Lotto 47 tickets cost $1 each and can be purchased either on the Michigan Lottery website or at any official retailer. Players can find retailers located near them using the free Lottery Places app, which works on Android, iPhone, and Windows.

The Lottery advises players who purchase tickets in person to follow safety precautions, including wearing a mask and observing social distancing guidelines.

To play Lotto 47, players select six numbers ranging from 1 to 47 and must match all six numbers to win the top prize. The odds of winning the jackpot are about 1 in 10.74 million. Players can also spend an additional $1 to add Double Play to their Lotto 47 ticket, which enters the ticket in a second chance drawing for a top prize of $1.5 million. This drawing takes place following the Lotto 47 drawing.

Should someone win the $30.25 million Lotto 47 jackpot tomorrow evening, the jackpot will reset to $1 million. Drawings take place Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:29 pm. The winning numbers are published minutes after each drawing at Lottery Post’s Michigan Lottery Results page.

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