My strategy when going on gambling sites

I always feel like i’m way too lucky when I first register on a gambling site. My first few bets are almost always wins and then it goes downhill from here.

So, to counteract the “rig”, I just find a new site, deposit 1k+ and all-in a random game (dice, blackjack, etc).

I almost always win and when I do hit it, I just withdraw and never go on that site again.

Maybe it’s just me, but imo the odds are slightly more in your favor when you’re a new player so you get hooked by all this winning. And when the luck inevitably runs out, you’ll still think you can recreate the feeling you got at the start. But nah, at this point you’re basically just donating to the owner.

I’d suggest you guys do that, this strategy made me a decent amount thus far.

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