NBA Betting Preview: Denver Nuggets vs. Washington Wizards – Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021

A fun game is headed our way tonight when the Washington Wizards go on the road to take on the Denver Nuggets in this cross-conference matchup.

These two teams played each other recently, with the Wizards pulling away with the victory on their home floor.

That game was one of the feature installments of the Wizards longest winning streaks of the season, to which they are now knocking on the door of the Easter Conference play-in game.

This time around, the game will take place in Denver, and I am certain the Nuggets will be looking to take revenge.

With two of the most fun offenses in the league headlined by Bradley Beal and Nikola Jokic respectively, there is no way this game will not be exciting.

Let’s break down this matchup and help you determine your best bets.

Washington Wizards Betting Preview: A Sudden Resurgence

It took them quite awhile, but the Wizards finally managed to put together a winning stretch of basketball for the first time all season.

They have been the team dealing with COVID for most of this year, but now with their team healthy they can begin to garner some chemistry amongst their players.

Beal has been consistently leading this team all season, and it shows as he was one of the top vote getters in All-Star voting. Westbrook has been the story of the past couple of weeks.

Russell Westbrook has made a monster comeback. For one thing, he has played in nine straight games without resting and some of those games were back-to-backs.

It’s not always pretty, but with a healthy Westbrook and Beal in the backcourt, this team has the chance to outscore any opponent on any given night.

Denver Nuggets Betting Preview: There’s Always a Joker in the Pack

Night after night, it is tough to figure out what to make of this Denver team.

They have one of the leading MVP candidates putting up absolutely stupid numbers each night, but besides Jokic, there is not much to ride home about.

The Joker has had a ridiculous season thus far, but there are many nights where it seems like he is on an island by himself.

His play is spectacular, but without a solid second and third scorer, he can’t do it all by himself.

Jamal Murray needs to figure out how to step his game up, because this team won’t prosper without him.

Wizards @ Nuggets Betting Odds and Lines

Coming into this game, the people over at JazzSports have the Denver Nuggets as a home favorite over the Washington Wizards by 7.5 points.

Even though the Wizards beat Denver not too long ago, they are still the inferior team for this matchup and their records prove it.

Free Betting Pick

For this matchup tonight, I think it is going to serve as a revenge game for the Nuggets.

Washington has no answer for Jokic in the paint and he will be able to put up a monster scoring night in order for their team to pull out a victory.

Spooky Express Free Betting Pick: Denver Nuggets @ -7.5

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