Nebraska Football: Travis Fisher pleased with clarity of secondary group

The Nebraska football secondary should be one to watch next season.

It’s always good to hear positive news about a position group, especially one laden with veteran players. For the Nebraska football defensive backs unit, that is exactly the case. Secondaries coach Travis Fisher is very happy with the way his group is jelling together, and says that some of the adversity from last year has made them closer.

Just think about what that room had to endure from a personnel standpoint. Three defensive backs, all from Florida, left the room last year. Nevertheless, the room was stocked with competitors, and Nebraska football certainly made the most of it.

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What also eases the blowout of losing the three from the secondary is that the veterans are all coming back next year. Deontai Williams, Marquel Dismuke and Cam Taylor-Britt are all coming back next season. This should help the Nebraska football secondary immensely. It’s also probably part of the reason why this group has seemed to gel so well. These three in particular have been there and done that.

As Fisher told Husker247, he is beginning to see what this secondary room is capable of. Not only can the veterans play at a high level, but there’s also some nice young talent in the mix as well. Nadab Joseph is certainly a name that would fit that bill. All in all, he is getting a clear picture of his room, and that is something that should help Nebraska in a big way next season.

“There’s people in the building who are starting to realize, ‘Now I see. Now I see improvement.’ I’m starting to see a true picture of what we actually have with some of these kids,” Fisher told Husker247. “It’s a great position for me to be in. Obviously I wish I could get the ones that left back, and get the room even more ridiculous with talent. But I think it’s time to stop talking about the ones that we don’t have and talk about the ones that we do have.”

I have high hopes for that room next season, I really do. There should be no reason why they shouldn’t succeed. The experience of the veterans combined with the raw talent of the newcomers should make for a nice combination. Fisher has options to play with, and you can bet that he is going to use as many tools in his belt as possible.

Fisher likes what he sees in the secondary, and I have high aspirations for them as well. Time will tell if they can succeed as a unit, but there is certainly reason to feel comfortable with what Nebraska has back there.

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