New show, “Emily in Paris,” Impresses Netflix Lovers

Emily in Paris, a new comedy-drama on Netflix, just released its first season on Oct. 2. The 10 episode season centers on Chicago-born Emily, a young girl working for a marketing company who loves advertising products of all kinds.

Young Emily finds herself accepting the opportunity of a lifetime to work for a year in Paris, when her co-worker suddenly cannot take over the international position. With this new job across the world, Emily becomes infatuated with Paris and the way of life there, a huge contrast from the rush and stress of a career in America.

Besides the comedic banter with her co-workers and dramatic love life, viewers also admire the show’s portrayal of a normal American girl trying her best to fit in. Her love for the French language surrounding her is apparent, but her speaking skills-not so much. Emily’s character represents that desire and effort needed for personal success, and because learning a whole new language in just a few months is no easy task, viewers are constantly cheering her on throughout the show.

For any fashion lover, this series is everything they ever needed. The show’s depiction of Parisian fashion is spot-on and leaves fans in awe of each character’s style, making it probably my favorite aspect of the series. Emily wears the work of the best designers like Stéfane Rolland, and expensive brands like Chanel, with some individuals comparing her wardrobe to that of Audrey Hepburn.

To me Emily in Paris, is the dream of many young girls in America because they can relate to, and laugh with Emily as she succeeds and fails in various places of her life. Whether it be her relationships, career, or new popularity as an Emil on Instagram, Emily is looking for the best in each opportunity, and is living a life she never would have anticipated.

Fans, including myself, are already looking forward to season two, but for now, we can watch, and rewatch the funny, trendy, and sweet moments that fill season one.

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