NFL Daily Discussion – 10/11/20 (Sunday)

I’ve had a very good NFL season but haven’t been recording my picks on here. So *officially* I’m 0-0. But let’s start recording them. My picks this week:

Colts/Browns u48, 1u, -110 Cleveland has had 8 takeaways the last two games as they’ve scored tons of points off of them. Indy on the other hand only has 3 giveaways on the season. Both teams like to run the ball, and we all know how good Indy’s defense is.

Cincinnati +11, 1u, +100 I used an alternate line to get to even odds here. Cincinnati’s undefeated against the spread this year and this line is too high. The Bengals are definitely better than Washington and Washington kept that game somewhat close last week and ended up covering as well. I like Burrow and he keeps improving.

Panthers ML @ Atlanta, 1u, +120 The Panthers are the better team. Getting any +odds here I had to take it. Jones may not play as well. I don’t have any research to back this up, just eye test of watching many of both teams games.

Miami Dolphins ML @ SF, 0.5u, +320 I’ve overall been impressed with the Dolphins fight. They are well coached and playing a QB coming off of injury. The 49er defense continues to be banged up (although Greenlaw coming back helps). It’s not that I LOVE the pick, I just think the Dolphins win the game at least 33% of the time here.

Jacksonville Jaguars ML @ HOU, 0.5u, +215 Sure, new coach, maybe they get fired up, but the Texans have looked disjointed and the Jaguars have shown some fight.

And then the big one, using a free bet, wagering $500 to make $4500 on this teaser:

Dal -2/Cin +19.5/KC -4.5/Pit -0.5/Jax +12/Sea -0.5/Mia +15.5/Ind-Cle u54

I’m overconfident in teasers this year, this will likely bring me down to earth, but man I like these eight a lot.

Let’s go!

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