Obi Toppin 8th overall pick is crazy value l NBA DRAFT

Obi Toppin 8th overall pick is 25/1 or 2500. I believe this is worth your attention and here is why.

  • No way he goes TOP 3.

  • No. 4 Bulls. I believe Bulls are going for a playmaker or a strong defender. If they don’t go with Avdija, don’t be surprised if Haliburton or Okoro is the pick here. I believe recent rumors about Okongwu is a smoke screen.

  • No.5 Cavs. This is the spot where the bet will be won or lost. Obi Toppin has been linked with Cavs for a while now. However, they are having a bad time finding trade partners for Thompson or Love and are strongly considering resigning Drummond. Obi kinda doesn’t make sense for them, unless they strongly believe that he is the best player available and pick him regardless the position. In my opinion, they need defensive minded wings and Okoro fits in perfectly.

  • No. 6 Hawks. Atlanta is in trade talks to get a veteran player, since they are dying to make the playoffs next year. Teams look at No. 6 as an opportunity to trade up and grab Okongwu, before Washington does at No. 9. If Hawks are unsuccessful in that pursuit, Haliburton is mentioned as a favourite in Hawks front office.

  • No. 7 Pistons. Pistons need a point guard. However, there are some serious talks about them falling in love with Pat Williams at 7. Just like No. 6, No.7 doesn’t make sense when speaking about Toppin.

  • No. 8 Knicks. Just like I said, if Cavs go for defense or Avdija falls to them, Obi is dropping to this spot. He is a CAA client. Rose was director of basketball operations for the CAA before becoming president of the Knicks on March 2. 25/1 is a crazy value, it all hinges on Cavs decision, but as you can see, the risk is worth the reward. It will be exciting week for sure.

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