Pandemic closures see French casino sector fall by 24.3 per cent – CDC Gaming Reports

The French casino sector fell by 24.3 per cent between November 2019 and October 2020, according to figures published by the Central Service of Races and Games of the Ministry of ‘Interior.

With GGR coming in at €1,831m, compared to € 2,418m in 2018/2019, the pandemic took the French casino industry back to a similar revenue earned in 2012/2013.

Whilst the end of 2019 generated a decent enough year-on-year improvement of seven per cent, the closures forced by the pandemic saw the overall attendance fall by 26.59 per cent, with 24,572,229 admissions made.

Only three casinos, all with special circumstances, showed any improvement over the year with venues in Lectour, owned by Arévian, which was still in its launch period during the previous year’s results, as were the casinos in Amélie les Bains or Megève, owned by Casigrangi.



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