Phil Galfond to launch a Mike Postle investigation

It really felt like the Mike Postle saga was over but in a month where many of the plaintiffs settled, a documentary was confirmed and Tournament Director Justin Kuraitis began goading the poker community, it is very much top of everyone’s mind again.

The latest development is that several high profile players have began their own investigations into Postle’s alleged cheating, most notably Phil Galfond. Already one of the busiest names in the game and perhaps with the best reputation in online poker, one would think this could put the matter to bed.

However, the poker community remains utterly perplexed by the hostile attitude of Justin Kuraitis on Twitter, who still is adamant that no wrong doing took place.

For those most part the debate between Kuraitis and the poker community has reached a stalemate. Serious poker players point to an overwhelming number of inconsistencies in Postle’s play that are perhaps best explained by the suggestion he had inside information. Kuraitis, however, looks like he will only be satisfied with the presentation of a ‘smoking gun’. It seems pointless to argue any further, however as Galfond points out, whistle-blower Veronica Brill might be facing legal action, so having a solid database of information to refer to would be helpful for her defence.

Also over the weekend Bart Hanson compiled what he believes are the 20 most damaging hands against Postle in this case, which is a very useful starting point for those of you new to the story. He also did not mince his words when speaking about Kuraitis.

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So if you thought we had seen the end of the Mike Postle hand analysis videos think again, buckle up for more drama in the weeks and months ahead.

What do you think Galfond’s investigation will unearth? Let us know in the comments:

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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