Plausinaitis Wins $1.2 Million in WSOPC Main Event

The last stop of the 2020 World Series of Poker Winter Online Circuit ended when the $1,700 Main Event wrapped up. On the final day, the event lasted for just three hours before the winner emerged. The player who managed to top this tournament was Paulius Plausinaitis, who defeated “turkey1” in the heads-up duel to win a total of $1,236,361. Plausinaitis also managed to win one of the most important trophies in the world of poker — a gold ring which is usually awarded to Circuit event winners.

The main event attracted a total of 6,395 entries, in addition to 974 re-entries. Therefore the guaranteed prize of $10 million was surpassed, and 700 top finishers had an opportunity to win a piece of cake. In the end, the prize pool was $10,327,925.

Plausinaitis was the only person who managed to get a seven-figure score. His final opponent, “turkey1” got the second-biggest prize, which was $923,165.

Plausinaitis also set another record. He managed to receive the biggest MTT top prize in the history of his home country of Lithuania.

The Final Table Overview

The blinds in the final table surprised everyone as they started going up pretty quickly, so the players with shorter stacks had to risk it more right away. The first player to lose all chips was “BetAddict” from Israel, who started with just 20 blinds and shoved with ace-king against Artem Prostak, who had pocket jacks. The board didn’t help the Israeli player improve, so he had to settle for $123,106.

The next one in line to hit the rail was China’s “DaiMing141319,” who was down to only two blinds when they faced Joseph Cheong and had to hit the rail with a total of $164,165 in their pocket.

One of Romania’s best, Alexandru Papazian, also fell victim to Joseph Cheong, and he was the next one to leave the game. Papazian managed to earn a total of $218,917 for his effort, as his ace-five were no match for Cheong’s pocket jacks.

The next player who left the game was Artem Prostak. He started well when doubling up from “turkey1.” In his final hand, his suited ace was no match for “turkey1’s” fives, who improved to trip fives to win the hand. Therefore, Prostak had to settle for $291,931.

The fifth place was reserved for a Finnish player called Joni Jouhkimainen, one of the best poker professionals from his country, who managed to double up twice during the final table. However, he also met with Cheong, who was on fire that day, so his king-ten failed to match Cheong’s ace-king. Joni won a total of $389,295.

The player to leave the game in the fourth place was “likeboy” from China, who also fell victim to Cheong. Joseph managed to flop a full house, which further narrowed the active players to three.

At that moment, Plausinaitis started to shine, taking small parts of Cheong’s chip stack only to emerge into the lead. Cheong jammed ace-four against Plausinaitis’ queens and a queen on the turn and had to end his amazing run in third place with $692,276, leaving the Lithuanian and the Israeli player to duel for the final prize.

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