Playing Blackjack during the Covid Pandemic?

I posted earlier asking for current conditions during Covid, Went to see for myself. I went to a California Tribal casino I had never been to before. They let people in one by one, they wave you in by the door and you have lower your mask as you go by a camera. The tables had plexiglass dividers.

I played several hours, did really well. Went to cash out and the cashier asked for player card or id. Said I would cash out later and got my chips back. While I was walking back to my car, 2 security people approached me. After refusing ID, I was “ejected from the property” and told not to return.

I have over a dozen backoffs over 15 years, never been told I can’t come back. They have always been polite and never this aggressive, along the lines of “Excuse me sir, your play is too good…”. It was unsettling to be talked to in the parking lot.

Other commenters here and other places noted, the back offs are now immediate at any sign of skill. I would say forget about playing during the pandemic, you longevity in this endeavor will be measured by hours. The health risks are damn scary, protocols not enforced by casino and ignored by patrons.

I strongly suspect their must have been a flood of known players coming out of retirement with the opportunity to play disguised with a mask.

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