Pocket52’s Game Changing Extra Bonus And The Brand New Pocket Vault 2.0

Online poker fanatics in India are treated to the best promotions and deals almost every week! This time, it’s by Pocket52! They have introduced Extra30, an unlimited bonus scheme that can help you save big on your deposits and boost your bankroll! Moreover, they have also upgraded their loyalty program, the Pocket Vault with the coolest prizes that you can dream of, effectively turning it into India’s most rewarding poker loyalty program. If it indeed does take two to tango, Pocket52 has got all the bells and whistles lined up for you!

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Pocket52, has the fastest growing community of poker players in the country and the exclusives couldn’t have come at a better time. Both of these exclusives have the potential to turn the industry upside down when it comes to keeping players at the core of it all, and they have consistently been known to deliver one of the most unique experiences to players in terms of coming up with deals and offers that are a league apart. The Extra30 and Pocket Vault is centered around you to get you more out of every game you play. So, regardless of whether you win or lose a game, you get rewarded nonetheless. Let’s look at what makes the Extra 30 and the Pocket Vault so attractive.

Introducing Extra30- Get a Bonus on Every Deposit

Starting today, you can take advantage of Extra30, where every deposit of ₹100 and above will give you a 30% bonus. And with no upper limits on how many times the bonus can be claimed, it’s a truly unlimited scheme, all you need to do is use the code EXTRA30 while depositing to unlock the bonus every time you make a deposit. This kind of deal had been previously unheard of and is sure to give you more bang for the buck every time.

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The Extra30 bonus is unmatched and you won’t find an offer as such anywhere else but only at Pocket52. The bonus that you get can be used up to 30 days before it expires, and you can always unlock more which is excellent for saving big on deposits and boosting your bankroll every time you play.

pocket 52 Vault 30% extra bonus - PokerShots

It’s high time you ditched the trend where you get to use a code only once, and you are done. After all, what’s the point when Extra30 gives you a 30% bonus every time you use it. Head over to the Pocket52 lobby, use the code to make a deposit and hit the tables right away. And if you still haven’t registered, don’t waste another minute and get started already. The tables are set and the cards are waiting for you to be picked up.

The Brand-New Pocket Vault 2.0

The Pocket Vault, on the other hand, has gone through a makeover to get bigger, larger, and wider and features a completely new catalog of prizes starting from Amazon Gift Cards, all the way to a Jaguar F-Pace which can all be redeemed for Pocket Coins.

pocket 52 - pocket valut-PokerShots

pocket 52 - pocket valut-PokerShots

You start earning Pocket Coins as soon as you register and start playing on the cash tables. The more you play, the more Pocket Coins you can collect. And since the Pocket Coins come with no expiry date, you can keep collecting till you have enough to redeem them for the prize you had been eyeing all along. What’s more? The higher you rise up the levels on the Pocket Vault, the less it will cost you to unlock a corresponding reward.

The Pocket Vault is full of surprises and has something for everyone, no matter if you are fond of gadgets, fast cars or bikes that roar, it has something to satiate any wishlist you might have. Even if your wishlist is unlimited, so is the Pocket Vault with its completely revamped list of rewards waiting to be claimed by you. Just make sure to play and earn enough Pocket Coins to grab that dream gadget or machine.

Pocket52 has always been India’s safest poker site, but now it seems they are already on their way to becoming the top contender for the country’s most rewarding poker platform as well by launching two back-to-back exclusives that are game-changers in their own right. So, all you poker fans who had been looking forward to something exciting in an otherwise gloomy year, now’s the time to hit the tables!

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