PokerBaazi’s Cash Dash 3.0 and PLO-4 Leaderboards Now Live

A new month in the online poker world means brand new promotions and grinding opportunities! PokerBaazi are continuing their Cash Dash leaderboards for the month of December as well as introducing a new PLO-4 Leaderboard! Let’s take a look at what the Cash Dash 3.0 and PLO-4 Leaderboards have in store for our players!

Cash Dash 3.0 INR 30 Lakhs Prize Pool!

Introduced for the first time back in September 2020, the Cash Dash presents a completely different and new payout format for the players. Generally what happens is that you get paid according to your position in the Leaderboard. Cash Dash will get you paid according to your contribution to the Baazi Rewards points! The payouts will be based on how much you contribute to the Baazi Rewards points on the Leaderboard! The promotional event begins tomorrow on 1st December and will last the whole month till 31st December!

The Leaderboards will be refreshed every two weeks, giving each player more chances to win!

  • Leaderboard 1: 1st – 15th December
  • Leaderboard 2: 16th – 31st December

Cash Dash 3.0 presents a perfect opportunity for low and mid stakes players to grind and earn themselves big payouts as their rewards!

The Leaderboards will accommodate every players’ preferences and have seperate prizes for No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. Here is how the stakes are categorized:-

  • Low: 1/2, 5/10 and 10/25 Blinds
  • Mid: 25/50 and 50/100 Blinds

Check and understand the rules and regulations better

PLO-4 Leaderboard INR 10 Lakhs Prize Pool!

It’s time to grind some Pot Limit Ohama at PokerBaazi with a massive INR 10 Lakhs prize pool lined up for the grinders! 4 weeks, two separate leaderboards and plenty of chances for everyone to increase their bankrolls!

The prize pool will be divided into two parts as the leaderboards will be refreshed every two weeks! The leaderboard dates will be as mentioned below:

  • Leaderboard 1: 1st – 15th December
  • Leaderboard 2: 16th – 31st December

The players will be ranked based on the Rewards Points they collect and the players with the most Reward Points will top the leaderboards!

Check out the terms and conditions for this massive month long promotion at PokerBaazi!

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