Polk cannot lose his heads-up challenge

Polk vs Negreanu is (almost) over

A $209,281 winning session over 1,976 hands for Doug Polk has all but ended whatever slim chance Daniel Negreanu had of winning in their heads-up match. He now stands $946,085 up with 1,718 hands left to play.

Negreanu admitted that the match was over and Polk was so confident that he cannot lose at this point that he ended up commenting on his play live on stream last night. He could literally fold every hand from this point and end up in profit, then pick up his side bets.

The match will be completed this week on either Wednesday or Friday.

PokerStars launches in Michigan


As mentioned last week, the USA had one of its best weeks in years for online poker news and it ended with PokerStars launching in Michigan.

This is the third state where PokerStars once again offers real money poker along with New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Along with the news that the Wire Act was ruled to only cover sports betting, it looks like at some point in the not too distant future we could see an interstate American PokerStars that rivals the global site for liquidity.

The A-Listers Home Game

In normal times you would struggle to get to get this Home Game going during awards season but these are not normal times. Over the weekend PokerStars hosted a charity Home Game with some huge names and Michael Ian Black.

Josh Charles, Michael Cera, Hank Azaria, Jon Hamm and Don Cheadle all played in the streamed cash game with $50,000 going to charity.

We won’t spoil it for you as you can watch it all back right here:


Poker’s Golden Years

We found this clip from yesteryear in poker oddly satisfying this week. How different poker looked just a few decades ago:


Finally, we all get one of those hands that nobody would believe if you didn’t screen shot it and luckily for this writer, I was the lucky donk on the right end of it.

Have you enjoyed Polk vs Negreanu? Let us know in the comments:

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