Preserving a local

Calling all experienced APs for some advice. I was at a local today plugging away as a good card counter should when all of a sudden one of the pits starts staring my action. Now, I’m used to this game of chicken by now and I played through. About 15 mins later there’s now another pit over my shoulder in addition to the first guy. I recognize this second guy from an earlier session last week. Now I’m a little sus at this point with two pits staring my action, but I’ve been backed off four times now and every time the pit gets on the phone and looks at me before it comes. So I stay and plug away. 15 minutes go by, pit #2 takes off and pit #1 goes to another table. Sweet, I’ve proven I’m not a card counter by not chickening out. SIKE! 10 minutes later pit #3 comes out and he’s wearing a grey suit instead of the usual black. Now pit #1 comes back and they’re both staring my action. This is highly unusual and fearing a ban from a local I decided to take my leave. Grey suit watches as I make my exit.

So, fellow APs, it’s polling time. How long should I stay away to become a distant memory? I’m thinking 3 months, but I haven’t got a damn clue.

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