Record IL Sports Betting Handle In Sept, Driven By Mobile Apps

  • Over $285 million was wagered on sports in Illinois in September.
  • Illinois has seen over $3 million in revenue since sports betting launched.
  • Illinois sports betting is projected to generate more than $100 million.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The September sports betting revenue numbers for Illinois have been released by the Illinois Gaming Board and it shows major growth.

In September alone, sports bettors wagered more than $285 million on sports. Rivers in Des Plaines sportsbook was the number one sportsbook for betting activity, taking in $105 million in September.

In the three months since launch, Illinois has seen $3 million in sports betting revenue. This shows the major attraction the Prairie State sports betting market has.

Continued Growth

Sports bettors in Illinois have been active since launch and September has shown a major boom in betting activity. Mobile betting has continued to be the driving force in the betting market.

According to the revenue report, 92% of all betting activity came from mobile wagers. With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting Illinois cities in mass, it’s understandable that most bettors would wager online.

Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into effect an executive ordered that allowed local sports bettors forgo the required in-person sign-up for online and mobile betting. This allowed local bettors to sign up for mobile sportsbooks without having to first travel to the land-based locale.

With the executive order, most sports bettors simply downloaded the many available mobile sportsbooks and began partaking in legal sports betting.

The evidence that mobile betting is the prime way Illinois sports bettors get in on the action is apparent when it comes to the official numbers, and the remote sign up has aided the Prairie State in having a dominating mobile betting scene.

Most wagers were taken on professional sports teams. Online wagering on professional teams was responsible for over $141.6 million in the betting handle. Collegiate betting saw just over $10.3 million.

The report also shows that land-based betting took in over $15.6 million in betting handle on professional sports and $952,797.22 in betting on college sports teams.

Professional wagering is clearly the main form of legal sports betting that Illinois bettors take place in.

With the NFL season in full swing and major events like the Masters taking place, the revenue numbers for Illinois sports betting should only increase through the year’s end.

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