Removal De Hond from Linkedin amazes colleagues

The account of pollster Maurice de Hond on the social medium LinkedIn is blocked. According to De Hond, he got from Linkedin the statement that he has violated the terms of use of the platform, the ANP reports. With this, platforms seem to lose their independent role.

When it comes to proclaiming plain nonsense, otherwise known as fakenews, then there is still something to be said for self-censorship by the platforms. But you can also go crazy: advertisers who interfere with editorial content. Or anonymous figures, extreme action groups, or algorithms that help block dissent: deplatforming. You do not have to agree with De Hond to acknowledge that he expresses a different opinion or opinion research that is or that is worth hearing, in the free debate.

‘Just when you thought that Linkedin is the only decent social medium left, where the discourse can take place because people take the trouble to substantiate their statements … such a pity this’, responds Mirjam van den Broeke, storyscout at Content Captain and ex-chief editor Quote on the news about De Hond, by the way via Linkedin (with which they as we speak 240 responses). Willem-Albert Bol, director of Business Development at DPG Media also explains in one Facebookdiscussion are thoughts. He finds the diversity of opinions important.

Scary country
‘Does anyone think something of this or is this’ new normal ‘not normal’, Koen Verhagen wonders on the same medium about blocking De Hond. “Don’t think this censorship it.” Eight O’Clock Journal … but it should ‘, sighs digital creative Jelle Kolleman a little further. “It is becoming a very scary country.” In other discussions Linkedin is defended by saying that only a government can commit censorship and that platforms can decide for themselves what is on their space.

Community rules
De Hond places links on social media to documents on his website in which he is critical of the government’s corona policy. De Hond advocates more attention for ventilation to prevent the spread of the virus via aerosols, small droplets. LinkedIn leaves in a comment know that it only communicates with a user himself about actions against an account. “We have clear terms and conditions and community rules and we expect all our members to abide by them,” Microsoft’s subsidiary said.

The news about the blocking of De Hond comes along with the message that Facebook has an ad from Move aside refuses on quite peculiar grounds.
(PvWK, photography: Kristina Flour / Unsplash)

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