Roulette is a student of the Autobot Academy with the talent Fortune Generation

Official Bio Edit

Roulette may seem like the chipper type, a bot of Camien and Velocitronian descent born of one of the wealthiest families in Kaon… but she some issues relating to other, regarding to her upbringing. Her sister is a voluntary street punk and rumour has it she’s gone full-blown Decepticon anarachist, but Roulette is looking into heroism, trying to find ways to break into the field. She has a very high regard of the Autobots and especially Star Convoy.

Roulette grew up with her two sisters, Angel Dust and ShadowStriker. While ShadowStriker took to the streets, Roulette joined the Autobot Academy, becoming a part of Class 4-E. During her time at the Academy, she began a relationship with fellow student Bomb-Burst.

In Paranormality, Roulette attended an assembly where Fort Max announced that the students would be joining professional Autobots and watching how they worked. Roulette was part of a group with Apathet, Artillery, Aranea and MixMatch, joining Grimlock to see how he did things. To Grimlock’s surprise, the group took out a large lizard monster, taking a photo to show off their victory.

Later, in Relics of the Primes, she visited the Museum of the Primes, around the time fellow students Hot Shot and Lightbright visited.

In Zero to Hero, Roulette and the other students took part a major exercise where they had to fight professional Autobots to prevent them from getting a payload to the end of a track. When Lightbright flash a spotlight into the sky when attacked by Star Convoy, Roulette was amongst the students who arrived to back her up. When Star Convoy defeated her allies, Roulette fled. Ultimately, the students failed, as the exercise was designed as a no-win situation, though it was noted that the students had set a record for how well they did compared to other years.

Much later, in Summertime Smackdown, Roulette was among the students that signed up for Hot Rodimus’ holiday for the students on Sirena. During their time on the beach, Roulette and Bomb-Burst built a sandcastle.

In Summertime Smackdown, Roulette was among the students who were recruited by Lightbright to save Steeljaw from Jhiaxus. First attending Lightbright’s briefing, she joined Lightbright’s team that were attacking the front doors to draw out the clones. During the battle, she witnessed Ragnarok emerging, initially mistaking him for a titan. Using her gun to fire energy bubbles, she joined the Autobots attacking the large Cybertronian. When Bomb-Burst blasted Raze and PhantomJaw skyward, Roulette jokingly suggested her luck was to thank.

In The Fight Before Christmas, Roulette was among the Autobots invited to Earth for a surprise party for Bumblebee’s friend Sari. She was among the partygoers dancing to Sonar’s music.

In Knowing Me, Knowing You, Roulette asked out Bomb-Burst to the gala celebrating the students of the various academies’ progress. During the gala the pair danced together. They would then be among the students who joined Hot Shot in reassuring Star Convoy that their faith in them wasn’t shaken after Umbra Convoy’s speech.

The following day, the pair ultimately found out they drunk too much and woke up in the forest.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Roulette‘s fortune generation makes her incredibly lucky, which can also extend to those around her, however this doesn’t make her invulnerable.

In addition, Roulette can transform, taking on the form of a Cybertronian car.

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