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I’ve only played stadium BJ a couple times, and that was at the Sands PA – yeah, back when it was still the Sands.

Your description does not match my experience AT ALL.

My experience, playing while watching another player next to me, is that no player’s actions can affect the cards that other players will use, and that the dealer’s hit cards may not be the same on other terminals, but it’s based on how many cards the player at the terminal took – not what other people take.

Every terminal shows the same thing. I.E. Whatever the dealer starts with, is the same on every terminal, and that includes what card is turned over when that time comes. Similarly, every player starts with the same two cards.

Then every player decides his action. If he takes a card (for whatever reason: hit, double down, split and dealt, etc.) he gets the next card drawn, and continues until he stands. Once he stands, the next card is given to the dealer if needed, while it may be used for players on some terminals.

In other words, every player makes a decision. Once decided, the card drawn is either given to the player, or used for the dealer at that player’s terminal. Sometimes, cards are still being drawn when your own action, and your dealer’s action, have been completed.

THEREFORE, using the deck in your example: 5432TJQKA

All terminals will show 53 for the player and show 4 for the dealer, with a 2 as the hole card.

Assume you have all 3 types of players.

Player A stupidly takes two hits, he gets the T and J, while the dealer shows his 2 and takes the Q and K.

Player B correctly takes one hit, he gets the T, while the dealer shows his 2 and takes the J and Q, and burns the K.

Player C stupidly takes no hits, the dealer shows his 2 and takes the T and J, then burns the Q and K.

On the next hand, every terminal starts with the A for the players.

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