S, The Hulu Show’s Oddball Humor isn’t funny anymore

Co-creator Patton Oswalt unveiled the footage of Marvel’s upcoming stop-motion animated comedy show ‘Mommylomaniacal Supervillain’ (A.I.M. Designed Only for Killing) during a panel at New York Comic Con. “You can keep trying to kill superheroes, just give us an iPad by Christmas, and we’ll be super hands off,” he added. The series is scheduled to air on Netflix later this year.

Schwartz will portray twelve-year-old Lou, who is not athletic enough to be a jock. Not smart enough for being an nerd. McLendon-Covey will play Monica Rappaccini, the brilliant mad scientist at AIM.I.M.K. She’s known for her science fiction novels and has won numerous awards including Best Picture Award nominations. Garcia will voice Jodie, M.O.D. O. K.’s wife and mother to his children. Fumero will

Is able to put aside their differences and work together when they aren’t constantly betraying each other. Austin Dan Der Sleet will portray M.O.D. O.K., who plays the titular character of ‘A.I.M.’ from the perspective of an ex-conductor. The story follows Bennet’s journey as a post-merger-integration-consultant and new boss at GRUMBL. Though not technically qualified, Monica believes she should be

Is trying to remember his name. Gary, a henchman or beekeeper at AIM, is fiercely loyal to his boss M.O.D. O.K., even if Y.I.M. doesn’t remember him. The series will be executive produced by Oswalt. Jordan Blum (Community) and Jeph Loeb (Legion) will also co-produce.

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